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Minister of health in Zambia Kapembwa Simbao

On behalf of the Ministry of Health personnel, and indeed on my own behalf, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Ministry of Health (MoH), Zambia website. Thank you for visiting our site.Please feel free to comment on how we can do better on the following email address:

Mr. Simbao says this is because of the high disease burden compounded by the high prevalence of HIV, shortage of personnel and inadequate appropriate infrastructure.
He was speaking at a financing agreement between the European Union and the Zambian government at the Ministry of Finance in Lusaka today. Under the agreement, the European Union has committed a grant of thirty-five million Euros to the Zambia. Speaking at the same function, Visiting EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection Androulla Vassiliou said the grant will help expand the integrated public health services.

Kapembwa Simbao ist Ingenieur fur Elektrotechnik. We arbeitete bei ZESCO als Entwicklungsingenieur. Er diente als Stellvertretender Minister in verschiedenen Ressorts. Von 1996 bis 2001 war er Sekretar des Movement for Multiparty Democracy in Hauptbezirk Luanshya und ging dann nach Mbala, wo er 2005 Vizevorsitzender des MMD wurde.

Kapembwa Simbao ist fur den Wahlkreis Senga Hill im Bezirk Mbala in der Nationalversammlung Sambias . Er war Stellvertretender Minister fur Wirtschaft, Handel und Industrie, Stellvertretender Minister im Prasidentenburo, Stellvertretender Gesundheitsminister im Mai 2005, wurde in der Kabinettsumbildung August 2006 stellvertretender Finanzminister bis er im Oktober 2006 Minister fur Arbeit und Versorgung wurde.

Kapembwa Simbao gehort der Kirche der Adventisten an.



The Zambian government has been forced to mobilize the army to help contain the worst measles outbreak to hit the country in the last seven years through the largest immunization campaigns that the country has ever seen. The outbreak has so far claimed 88 lives out of 4,255 cases reported so far.

Health Minister Kapembwa Simbao who said there has never been death due to measles since 2003 until now, blamed the epidemic on low immunization, poor malnutrition in children and compromised immunity among adults and said Zambia 's capital city, Lusaka, was the worst hit with 86 deaths out of the 3,242 cases that had been reported.

Flooding across some parts of Zambia such as Lusaka also displaced hundreds of people and disrupted routine immunization but Simbao also claimed that certain religious sects stopped their children from being vaccinated which posed a big challenge.

We are aware of such sects here in Lusaka Province and Central Province and we are trying to see how we can reach to these people that vaccinations are safe, they are meant to protect and not to harm any person, Simbao said.

Severe measles is more likely among poorly nourished young children. The most serious complications include blindness, encephalitis, severe diarrhoea and dehydration, ear infections or severe respiratory infections such as pneumonia, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Simbao said about 20 percent of the measles patients in Lusaka were adults whose immunity had been reduced by HIV/AIDS while poor feeding patterns for children encouraged the outbreak.

We have noted that some of the kids that are catching this problem is as a result of malnutrition and so we would rather encourage that parents must pay much attention to the way that the children are feeding. Most of them it is not the lack of food, it's the food that they eat that is not good. Also, we have noted that because there have been an increase in adults who have come up with measles, we have noted that in most cases the adults have compromised immune system, he said.

The WHO said last month that large and deadly outbreaks of measles in 30 African countries threatened to reverse gains made against the viral disease in the past two decades. More than 1,100 deaths from measles were reported among 64,000 known cases in Africa the last year, it said.

Chad, Nigeria and Zimbabwe have had the largest outbreaks.

Simbao said WHO data indicated that measles had broken out in 14 African countries as of June 2010 with Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi among those affected. He also said Western donors had agreed to help Zambia finance the vaccination drive.

It costs less than $1 to vaccinate a child against measles but two doses are required for full protection.

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Kapembwa Simbao minister of health in Zambia

Brian Chituwo Dr Brigadier General was born 01 Jun 1947 in Zambia, he was a health minister in Zambia in 2007

Brian Chituwo Dr Brigadier General was born 01 Jun 1947 in Zambia, he was a health minister in Zambia in 2007

Angela Cifire was a health minister in Zambia 2006 - 2007

Angela Cifire was a health minister in Zambia 2006 - 2007

Sylvia T. Masebo was a health minister in Zambia 2005 - 2006

Sylvia T. Masebo was a health minister in Zambia 2005 - 2006

Michael Sata was a health minister in Zambia 1994 - 1995

Michael Sata was a health minister in Zambia 1994 - 1995

He was born and brought up in Mpika, Northern Province. He worked as a policeman, railway man and trades unionist before entering politics in 1963. He worked his way up through the former ruling United National Independence Party to the governorship of Lusaka in 1985. Under the MMD, he served as minister for local government, labour and then briefly, health.

Enoch Kavindele minister of health in Zambia

Enoch Kavindele Zambian Health minister

?? Kavindele was dismissed from the Vice-Presidency in 2003, over corruption allegations. See for example:
"Mwanawasa at the weekend released an eight-page letter addressed to former vice-president Enoch Kavindele and finance minister Emmanuel Kasonde who were both sacked on Thursday. The letter for the first time publicly outlined the reasons for their dismissal, citing alleged corruption and disregard for tender and procurement procedures.
The main indictment was that Kavindele had ignored a presidential decree in March to terminate a crude oil supply contract with Trans Sahara Trading (TST), a subsidiary of the Canadian company Diamond Works. Kavindele had allegedly also failed to follow accounting procedures when he received a US $100,000 donation from TST for the ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD)." [ Retrieved on 02 SEP 2008 ]


map of Zambia regions

Zambia is divided into nine provinces, each administered by an appointed deputy minister. Each province is subdivided into several districts with a grand total of 72 districts. The provinces are:

* Central
* Copperbelt
* Eastern
* Luapula
* Lusaka
* Northern
* North-Western
* Southern
* Western

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