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Minister of health in Yemen Abdulkarim Yehia Rasae

  • Date of Birth November 3, 1958
  • Place of Birth Hajja
  • Marital Status Married
  • Children Six
  • Tel No. +9671/252198
  • Fax No. +9671/252247
  • E-mail


* PhD in Pediatrics, Cairo University, 1993, Egypt
* Mater in Pediatric, 1988, Cairo University.
* Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, 1982, Al Azhar University, Egypt
* Various specialized training courses

Positions held

  • 2006-2007 Minister of Public Health & Population
  • 2003-2006 Rector of Aden University
  • 2003 Professor of Pediatric in Sanaa University First Professor of Pediatrics In Yemen
  • 2003 Counterpart of the WHO Expert for Polio Eradication in Yemen, Yemen
  • 1999-2003 Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics, Sana Faculty of Medicine, Yemen
    Taught and trained undergraduate and postgraduate students in pediatrics, research and other scientific activities of the department, consultations in Al-Kuwait Teaching Hospital, Al Thawrah and Al Josher hospitals in Sana
  • 1999-2003 President of the Expert Board for Polio Eradication in the Republic of Yemen
  • 1994-1999 Member of the Board, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Yemen
  • 1997 Special Service Agreement (SSA) with WHO as Local Advisor in district health system
  • 1993-1997 Head of the both Pediatrics Departments, in Al Thawrah and al-Kuwait Hospitals, Yemen
  • 1997-1999 Deputy Minister of Health, Department of Medical Services and Health Care, Yemen

Involved with health system development, took part in policy making, planning, implementation, supervision, monitoring, evaluation; coordinated with international donors such as WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA, USAID, JICA, World Bank; attended international meetings on health related issues. Outstanding achievements include:

* Improving primary health care activities (ARI, CDD, M.C.H, AIDS, health education, Schistosomiasis, TB, Surveillance, Roll Back Malaria),
* Improving district health system, hospital autonomy, health sector reform, central lab and blood banks,
* Increasing EPI coverage,
* supervising the national immunization days (NIDs) for poliomyelitis eradication,
* Introducing vitamin A and hepatitis B vaccine distribution to the country,
* Participating in health legislations including private sector practices, community participation, medical council and health practices,
* Organization of four district hospitals,
* Organization of the Cardiology Centre at the Al Thawrah Hospital in Sana'a.

  • 1993 Assistant Professor, Pediatrics Department, Faculty of Medicine, Sanaa University, Yemen
    Taught and trained undergraduate and postgraduate students in Pediatrics, consultant in the Pediatrics Departments at various hospitals in Sanaa, designed the curriculum of Pediatrics, established the Pediatrics Department in the Faculty of Medicine, Sanaa University and at the Al-Kuwait Teaching Hospital.
  • 1985-1986 Counterpart-Expert World Health Organization in Health Education, Yemen
  • 1986-1993 Resident in Pediatrics at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University Conducted medical practice in pediatrics as postgraduate student, gathered data and information for research, trained undergraduates. Managed and treated patients and took part in other scientific activities within the department.
  • 1984-1986 Director of Diarrheal Prevention Project and Maternal and Child Health Project, Yemen

Major achievements over this period include:

* Founded ORS rooms in 70 health centers in Yemen, availability of ORS in 156 health centers.
* Stopped importation of 30 anti diarrheal drugs to the country.
* Participated with UNICEF and the Drug Factory in local production of ORS.
* Trained doctors and Para-medical staff in ORS, nutrition, health education, MCH and family planning.
* Introduced new TV health program called "Health and community"

  • 1982-1983 House officer in Al-Hussein hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar University
    Scientific Memberships
  • 2005 President of the Arab Pediatric Society
  • 2004 President of the Yemeni Pediatric Society
  • 2004 Board Member, the Union of Arab Universities
  • 2002-2003 Member of Pediatric neurology society in the Union of the Arab Pediatrics society
  • 2002-2003 Member of Pediatric gastroenterology society in the Union of the Arab Pediatrics society
  • 1996-2003 Member & founder of the Yemeni Scientific Research Society , Sana
  • 1995-2000 Member of Scientific Council for American Medical Pediatrics Review Magazine, Arabic edition.
  • 1995-1998 Member of the Arab Board in Pediatrics
  • 1989-2003 Member of International Pediatrics Society
  • 1988-2003 Member of the Union of the Arab Pediatrics Society
  • 1988-2003 Member of Egypt Pediatrics Society
  • 1988-2003 Member of Yemeni Pediatric Society
  • 1988-2003 Representative of Yemen in the Arab Childhood Council, Cairo
  • 1994-2003 Representative of Yemen in WHO committee group of congenital hematological diseases, Alexandria
  • 1994 Country Representative to the Society of Pediatric Hematology
  • 1996-1998 Member of the Arab Board of Medical Specializations

Major Courses and Seminars Attended

* CDD program managers training , Al-Bahrain 20-28/2/1984 sponsored by WHO
* Supervisory skills training in CDD & EPI, Saada 15-31 October, 1985 sponsored by WHO
* Two gastroenterology and hepatology of medical professional training 14-20/3/1987 and from 19-24/1/1990, Cairo
* Medical education training course for three months sponsored by WHO in evaluation, teaching technique, clinical assessment, oral assessment, adult education, key feature examination, MCQ examination, clinical decision making, research design University of Illinois, Faculty of Medicine, Chicago, USA from 1/6/1995 to 1/9/1995.

International Conferences

* Family Health Conference, Cyprus, November 1984, sponsored by USAID
* Diarrheal Disease Conference, Tunis, 7 days, June, 1985 sponsored by WHO
* Diarrheal Disease Conferences, Geneva, June, 1985 & 1986, sponsored by WHO
* Tropical Diseases Conferences, Geneva, June 1985 & 1986, sponsored by WHO
* Conferences in Nutrition and Diarrheal Diseases, Brighton, UK, 1988, sponsored by USAID
* 2nd International Conference in ORT, Washington DC, December 1985 sponsored by USAID
* Conferences of the Union of the Arab Pediatrics Society, Cairo, Damascus, Amman, 1987-1995 (8 years)
* Child UAE Pediatrics Conference in Infectious Diseases in Pediatrics, Dubai, January 1990
* First International Conference in Diarrhea and Nutrition of the Egyptian Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology and nutrition, Cairo, October 1992
* First International Conference in Pediatric Neurology, Cairo, 1992
* 19th International Congress of Pediatrics, Paris, July 1989
* 21st International Congress of Pediatrics, Cairo, September 1995
* Conference of the Arab Board in Pediatrics, Damascus, May 1996
* Conference in Nuclear Medicine, Damascus, July 1996 sponsored by UNDP
* Intercountry Meeting for the Elimination of Neonatal Tetanus, Cairo, November 1997 sponsored by WHO
* Interagency Meeting for the Global Coordination of Action Against Malaria, Geneva, November 1997 sponsored by WHO
* Donors meeting for EPI, Sanaa, May 1997, 1998 sponsored by WHO
* Intercountry Meetings against Malaria in African Countries, Alexandria, February & May 1998 sponsored by WHO
* Intercountry Meeting for Safe-Motherhood, Sanaa, May 1998 sponsored by WHO
* XXII International Congress of Pediatrics and the International Congress on Pediatrics Nursing, Amsterdam, August 1998
* 21st International Congress of Chemotherapy, Birmingham, UK, July 1999
* Annual Yemeni Cardiology Meetings, 1996, 1997 & 1999
* First Yemeni Conference in Nephrology, Sana'a, 1999
* Conference in Integrated Management of Child Illness, Alexandria, October 2001
* International Congress of Cardiology, Alexandria, February 2002
* Intercountry Meeting for Polio Eradication Expert Committee and Certification Committee, Cairo sponsored by WHO
* 2nd International Conference of Pediatric Department, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, April 2002
* 10th Conference of the Union of the Arab Pediatrics Society, Amman, October 2002
* 2nd Conference on Pediatric Neurology, Amman, October 2002
* 5th Conference on Pediatric Gastroenterology, Amman, October 2002
* 5th Conference on Cardiology of Jordanian Cardiologist Association, Amman, October 2002
* 36th Conference of the Union of the Arab University, Aldowha, Qatar, October 2003

Published Research and Studies

* IgA in serum and stools in case of Acute diarrhea in Breast-fed and Articially-fed babies, Arab Child Journal, Cairo, December 1990
* Protozoal diahrrea in Al-Kwait hospital, Yemen Medical Journal, Sanaa 1999
* Malaria situation in Yemen, Geneva, WHO/CTD/MAL/98
* Risk factors & poor prognosis in acute renal failure due to Malaria, Basel, Nephron, 1996
* Calculus Anuria in Childhood in Yemen, Yemeni Medical Journal, Sanaa 1999
* Acute Flaccid Paralysis and its role in poliomyelitis surveillance in Yemeni children, National Expert Committee experience, JAC, Vol. 13 No. 5, October 2002
* Immunization coverage of the six killer diseases among children less than two years of age in Sana'a city, Kaser Alaini Medical Journal, Vol. 7, No. 1, March 2002
* Neonatal unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia in Sana'a hospitals, Kaser Alaini Medical Journal, Vol. 8, No. 3, May 2002
* Environmental risk factor of congenital heart disease in Sana'a, Kaser Alaini Medical Journal, Vol. 8, No. 1, January 2002
* Pulmonary hydatid cyst in children, Medical Journal of Cairo University, Vol. 69, No. 4, December, 2001
* Acute Flaccid Paralysis Surveillance Programme, the model used in Yemen for polio eradication, Kaser Alaini Medical Journal, Vol. 8, No. 3, May 2002
* Promotion of breast feeding in Yemen, Kaser Alaini Medical Journal, Vol. 8, No. 4, July 2002
* Clinical manifestations and complications of congenital heart disease in Sana'a hospitals, Yemeni Medical Journal, July 2003

On-going Research

* Poliomyelitis situation in Yemen
* Prevalence of hepatitis B and the introduction of hepatitis B vaccine in Yemen
* Rickets in Yemeni Children
* Role of breast feeding in morbidity and mortality in Yemeni children
* Tuberculosis in Yemeni children
* Clinical manifestations, complication and treatment of malaria in Yemeni children in Hajja hospital

Abdulkarim Yehia Rasae minister of health in Yemen

map of Yemen districts

As of February 2004, Yemen is divided into twenty governorates ( muhafazah ) and one municipality. The population of each governorate is listed in the table below.

Capital City
Population 2004 Census
Population 2006 est
'Adan Aden 589,419 634,710 1
'Amran 'Amran 877,786 909,992 2
Abyan Zinjibar 433,819 454,535 3
Ad Dali   470,564 504,533 4
Al Bayda' Al Bayda 577,369 605,303 5
Al Hudaydah Al Hudaydah 2,157,552 2,300,179 6
Al Jawf Al Jawf 443,797 465,737 7
Al Mahrah Al Ghaydah 88,594 96,768 8
Al Mahwit Al Mahwit 494,557 523,236 9
Amanat Al Asimah Sanaa 1,747,834 1,947,139 10
Dhamar Dhamar 1,330,108 1,412,142 11
Hadramaut Al Mukalla 1,028,556 1,092,967 12
Hajjah Hajjah 1,479,568 1,570,872 13
Ibb Ibb 2,131,861 2,238,537 14
Lahij Lahij 722,694 761,160 15
Ma'rib Ma'rib 238,522 251,668 16
Raymah   394,448 418,659 17
Sa'dah Sa`dah 695,033 746,957 18
Sana'a San`a' 919,215 957,798 19
Shabwah `Ataq 470,440 494,638 20
Ta'izz Ta`izz 1 2,513,003 21
Last update: 14 July 2010
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