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Minister of health in Taiwan Chih-Liang Yaung

Chih-Liang Yaung,Ph.D minister of health in Taiwan


* 1968 B.Ed Health Education National Taiwan Normal University , Taiwan
* 1972 M. P.H. Public Health National Taiwan University (NTU) , Taiwan
* 1979 Ph.D. Population Planning University of Michigan , U.S.A.

Working Experiences

* 1972-1974 Teaching Assistant
* 1974-1980 Instructor School of Public Health, NTU, Taiwan
* 1980-1990 Associate Professor School of Public Health, NTU, Taiwan
* 1990-present Professor School of Public Health, NTU, Taiwan


* 1968-1969 Junior Specialist Taiwan Provincial Institute of Family Planning, Taiwan
* 1984-1987 Chairman School of Public Health, NTU, Taiwan
* 1988-1990 Chief Advisor Task Force for National Health Insurance Plan The Council for Economic Planning and Development The Executive Yuan, R.O.C.
* 1992-1996 Director Information Department National Taiwan University Hospital
* 1994-1999 Member of Committee NHI Dispute Mediation Committee
* 1996-1999 Professor and Director Institute of Health Care Organization Administration College of Public Health, National Taiwan University
* 1999-2000 Chairman NHI Supervisory Committee
* 1999-2000 Deputy Minister Department of Health, the Executive Yuan, R.O.C.
* 2009- Minister, Department of Health, Executive Yuan, R.O.C.

Research/Teaching Interests

* Public Health, Health Care, Health Insurance, Health Information, Health Policy and Management

Professional Membership

* American Public Health Association, U.S.A.
* Taiwan Public Health Association
* Population Association, R.O.C.
* Social Insurance Association, R.O.C.
* Formosan Medical Association, R.O.C.
* Hospital Association, R.O.C.
* Health Education Association, R.O.C.
* Taiwan Health Insurance Association

Professional Awards

* Best Textbook Award, Ministry of Education, Taiwan , 1983

Chih-Liang Yaung minister of health in Taiwan

August 8, 2005 Taiwan's former Health Minister Sheng-Mou Hou, MD, PhD, MPH Returns to Bloomberg School

Taiwan's former Health Minister Sheng-Mou Hou 2005

In February, Sheng-Mou Hou, became Taiwan's tenth Minister of Health and the fourth to have graduated from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health . Hou recalls joking at the time, A Hopkins degree may become a prerequisite for this job.

On August 1, Hou, MD, PhD, MPH, and his wife, Liou Shiow-Wen, MD, PhD, MHS, a health policy graduate of the Bloomberg School, returned to their alma mater to visit with friends and discuss how Taiwan's Health Ministry and the School could cooperate in the future.

As a surgeon I looked at the problems of individuals, said Hou. Through the MPH [studies], I started to recognize problems through the eyes of the population.

Hou's challenge as Health Minister will be to find new ways to finance Taiwan's public health insurance system, which provides coverage to 99 percent of the public. Hou says he also wants to improve Taiwan's vaccine production capacity to prevent a potential flu pandemic. According to Hou, Taiwan is a nexus for travelers moving between the East and West. Each year, more than 6 million flights travel through Taiwan. Many originate from the nations where avian flu has been a problem, such as neighboring Vietnam. Hou says Taiwan must act as the sentinel guard for the rest of the world against avian flu and other emerging diseases.

Hou, an orthopedic surgeon by training, first came to the School in 1994 as part of the Taiwan Health Elites Program. He was among 40 of Taiwan's top health care professionals and administrators selected to participate in a special degree training program developed by Dr. Ko Cho Lin, commissioner for the Taiwan Provincial Department of Health at the time, and the School of Public Health.

This was the first time all of these people were brought together. We learned a lot from our professors, but at the same time, we learned from each other, Hou said.

However, Hou was forced to drop out of the Elites Program when he became dean of the School of Medicine at National Taiwan University. His new duties left him little time for degree studies. A few years later however, Hou returned to the School to complete his master's degree. He graduated with honors.

map of Taiwan

1 CHA Chang-hua
2 CYI Chia-i city
3 CYQ Chia-i
4 HSQ Hsin-chu
5 HSZ Hsin-chu
6 HUA Hua-lien
7 ILA I-lan
8 KEE Keelung
9 KHH Kao-hsiung county
10 KHQ Kao-hsiung city
11 MIA Miao-li
12 NAN Nan-t'ou
13 PEN P'eng-hu
14 PIF P'ing-tung
15 TAO T'ao-yuan
16 TNN T'ai-nan
17 TNQ T'ai-nan
18 TPE T'ai-pei county
19 TPQ T'ai-pei city
20 TTT T'ai-tung
21 TXG T'ai-chung
22 TXQ T'ai-chung
23 YUN Yun-lin

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