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Minister of health in Turkey Prof. Dr. Recep Akdag

He was born in Erzurum in 1960. He completed his primary and secondary education in Erzurum and high school education in Ankara Ataturk High School. He graduated from the Medical Faculty of Ataturk University in 1984 and has obtained Medical Doctor Title. He performed his obligatory service as a practitioner in Karabuk for 2 years. In 1990, he became Child Health and Diseases Specialist in the Medical Faculty of the Ataturk University. He completed his studies in November 1992 which started in September 1991 on Molecular Biology Techniques and especially on PCR in "King's College School of Medicine" in London and came back to Turkey. He initiated the studies of "Diagnosis of Tuberculosis with PCR through making contributions to the establishment of the first Molecular DNA laboratory in the Eastern Anatolian Region through a research project" in line with these studies. In 1992, he became Assistant Professor in the Child Health and Diseases Main Branch of the Medical Faculty of Ataturk University; he got the title of Associate Professor in 1994 and the title of Professor in 1999. He completed the "Gene Therapy" course successfully held in the Sweden Karolinska Institute in 1998. Between 1994 and 1998, he worked as Deputy Chief Doctor, Procurement Commission Head and Deputy Editor of the Medical Bulletin in the Research Hospital of the Medical Faculty of the Ataturk University. He was the Deputy Head of Ataturk University Biotechnological Implementation and Research Center between 1997-2000, member of the Medical Faculty of Ataturk University-Pittsburg University Cooperation Committee between 1998-2000, member of the Transfusion Committee between 1998-2002, member of the Commission of Pharmaceuticals, member of the Ethical Committee and head of the Pharmaceuticals Research Committee. He is a founder member and board member of Erzurum Branch of the National Pediatrics Association, member of the Turkish Pediatric Hematology Association and member of the Turkish Hematology Association. He has about 100 scientific articles and announcements. About 20 of these are of international character. The number of attribution included in Citation Index is 16. He gave speeches and took part as chairman in various meetings and symposia. He won the Prize of the Article of the Year from the Chamber of Doctors of Istanbul in 1996. He has been serving as a parliamentarian of Erzurum of the Justice and Development Party on 3 November 2002. He has been appointed as the Minister of Health of the Republic of Turkey on 18 November 2002. He speaks English. He is married with 6 children.
Prof.Dr.Recep Akdag minister of health in Turkey

Visit by H.E Minister Prof.Dr. Recep Akdag to Bosnia-Herzegovina (19-21 November 2008)

On 19-21 November 2008, upon the invitation of H.E. Minister of Social Affairs of Bosnia-Herzegovina, H.E. Minister Prof. Dr. Recep Akdag and his accompanying delegation paid an official visit to Bosnia-Herzegovina in order to discuss bilateral cooperation issues in the field of health and to make some observations at health institutions.

During this visit, Ms. Selma Aliye Kavaf, Member of the Parliament and Member of the Health, Family, Labour and Social Affairs Committee of the Parliament, Assis.Prof.Dr. Hakk? Yesilyurt, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Mr. Kamuran Ozden, Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Spec. Dr. Mehmet Bakar, Provincial Health Director of Istanbul and Spec.Dr. Hasan Cag?l, Field Coordinator of our Ministry, accompanied to H.E.Minister Prof. Dr. Recep Akdag.

On 19 November 2008, H. E. Minister Prof. Dr. Recep Akdag visited H.E. Sredoje Novic, Minister of Social Affairs of Bosnia-Herzegovina, at his office. During this meeting conducted health reform for last 6 years within the context of health transformation program in Turkey and transfer of gained experiences (Service procurement, Restructuring of Reimbursement System and Performance System on Human Resources) to Bosnia-Herzegovina were discussed.

On 20 November 2008, the meeting was held between H.E. Minister Prof. Dr. Recep Akdag and H.E. Safet Omerovic, Minister of Health of Bosnia-Herzegovina Federation. During the aforementioned meeting possible bilateral cooperation issues were handled.

Also, on 21 November 2008 a meeting was realized between H. E. Minister Akdag and H.E. Nedzad Brankovic, Prime Minister of Bosnia-Herzegovina Federation.

Following to the meetings H.E. Minister and accompanying delegation visited 100 bedded Konjic Hospital and Bolnica Foundation Hospital that was constructed in 1866 during the period of Ottoman Empire and made some observations.

After the official visit, H.E. Minister Prof. Dr. Recep Akdag and his accompanying delegation departed from Bosnia-Herzegovina on 21 November 2008.

There are 81 provinces in Turkey

more details:

map of Turkey regions

The capital city of Turkey is Ankara . The territory of Turkey is subdivided into 81 provinces for administrative purposes. The provinces are organized into 7 regions for census purposes; however, they do not represent an administrative structure. Each province is divided into districts, for a total of 923 districts.

Provinces usually bear the same name as their provincial capitals, also called the central district; exceptions to this custom are the provinces of Hatay (capital: Antakya ), Kocaeli (capital: Izmit ) and Sakarya (capital: Adapazar? ). Provinces with the largest populations are Istanbul (+12.9 million), Ankara (+4.6 million), Izmir (+3.8 million), Bursa (+2.5 million) and Adana (+2.0 million).

The biggest city and the pre-Republican capital Istanbul is the financial, economic and cultural heart of the country. [ 61 ] An estimated 75.5% of Turkey's population live in urban centers. [ 62 ] In all, 19 provinces have populations that exceed 1 million inhabitants, and 20 provinces have populations between 1 million and 500,000 inhabitants. Only two provinces have populations less than 100,000.

  1. Adana
  2. Ad?yaman
  3. Afyonkarahisar
  4. Agr?
  5. Amasya
  6. Ankara
  7. Antalya
  8. Artvin
  9. Ayd?n
  10. Bal?kesir
  11. Bilecik
  12. Bingol
  13. Bitlis
  14. Bolu
  15. Burdur
  16. Bursa
  17. Canakkale
  18. Cank?r?
  19. Corum
  20. Denizli
  21. Diyarbak?r
  22. Edirne
  23. Elaz?g
  24. Erzincan
  25. Erzurum
  26. Eskisehir
  27. Gaziantep
  28. Giresun
  29. Gumushane
  30. Hakkari
  31. Hatay
  32. Isparta
  33. Mersin
  34. Istanbul
  35. Izmir
  36. Kars
  37. Kastamonu
  38. Kayseri
  39. K?rklareli
  40. K?rsehir
  41. Kocaeli
  42. Konya
  43. Kutahya
  44. Malatya
  45. Manisa
  46. Kahramanmaras
  47. Mardin
  48. Mugla
  49. Mus
  50. Nevsehir
  51. Nigde
  52. Ordu
  53. Rize
  54. Sakarya
  55. Samsun
  56. Siirt
  57. Sinop
  58. Sivas
  59. Tekirdag
  60. Tokat
  61. Trabzon
  62. Tunceli
  63. Sanl?urfa
  64. Usak
  65. Van
  66. Yozgat
  67. Zonguldak
  68. Aksaray
  69. Bayburt
  70. Karaman
  71. K?r?kkale
  72. Batman
  73. S?rnak
  74. Bart?n
  75. Ardahan
  76. Igd?r
  77. Yalova
  78. Karabuk
  79. Kilis
  80. Osmaniye
  81. Duzce


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