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Minister of health in Sweden Goran Hagglund

Bo Goran Hagglund (born 27 January 1959, Degerfors, Varmland) is a Swedish politician and the current leader of the Christian Democrats of Sweden (Swedish: Kristdemokraterna). He was elected Party Leader on 3 April 2004, succeeding Alf Svensson. Since 6 October 2006 he is also the Minister for Health and Social Affairs in Sweden.

Hagglund was born in Degerfors in central Sweden, but moved to Jonkoping, a Christian Democratic stronghold, with his family in 1978.
Political career

He started his political career in the Christian Democratic youth organisation. From 1978 he was employed by the party, first as ombudsman for the local Christian Democratic Youth, and from 1981 for the regional party branch. From 1982 to 1986 he was also a member of the Municipal Council in Jonkoping.

Following the 1985 elections, he started to work as parliamentary secretary for the Christian Democrats. In 1988 he temporarily left politics to start working for an insurance company. In the parliamentary elections of 1991 he was elected a Member of Parliament.

Hagglund was generally considered to be long-time party leader Alf Svensson's personal favourite as a successor. However, when Svensson announced his plans to step down, two other candidates, Maria Larsson and Mats Odell, had the support of a bigger number of regional party organisations. Not even Hagglund's own Jonkoping district stood behind him. Eventually, however, all Hagglund's possible contenders withdrew from the race, and his election as party leader on 3 April 2004 was unanimous.

Prior to the Swedish general election in 2006 Hagglund's Christian Democrats formed a closer alliance with the three other centre-right parties in Sweden, under the name Alliance for Sweden. After their victory in the elections, Fredrik Reinfeldt of the Moderate Party was asked by the Speaker of the Riksdag to form a new government. Following negotiations between the leaders of the parties in the Alliance for Sweden, Goran Hagglund was named Minister for Health and Social Affairs on 6 October 2006.
Personal life

Hagglund grew up in the Pentecostal movement, but is now a member of the Church of Sweden. He is married and has two children.

Goran Hagglund minister of health in Sweden
Berit Andnor (born November 20, 1954) is a Swedish Social Democratic politician . She was Minister for Social Affairs of Sweden 20042006.

map of Sweden regions

Sweden is divided into 21 counties.

AB: Stockholm County
AC: Vasterbotten County
BD: Norrbotten County
C: Uppsala County
D: Sodermanland County
E: Ostergotland County
F: Jonkoping County
G: Kronoberg County
H: Kalmar County
I: Gotland County
K: Blekinge County
M: Skane County
N: Halland County
O: Vastra Gotaland County
S: Varmland County
T: Orebro County
U: Vastmanland County
W: Dalarna County
X: Gavleborg County
Y: Vasternorrland County
Z: Jamtland County

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