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Minister of health in Suriname Celsius W. Waterberg

Secretary Drs. Celsius W. Waterberg is the Minister of Health in Suriname. As of September 1, 2005, he joined this function.

Minister Waterberg has studied as a doctor in Cuba at all. In Suriname, he worked for the Regional Health Service (RGD), University Hospital - Paramaribo, the country's Hospital and Military Hospital. He was also co-founder and first director of Home Care Foundation Suriname (STS) and later established himself as a private practitioner in the district Wanica.

Telefon: +597 474941
Fax: +597 410702

Celsius W. Waterberg minister of health in Suriname
Director Mrs. drs Marthelise G.M. Eersel graduated in May 1983 from the Medical Faculty of the Anton de Kom University of Suriname. She has done well especially in preventive care, including the Office for Public Health and Medical Mission. They Medical Inspector and is currently also Director since October 2004 of the Ministry of Health.

map of Suriname regions

Suriname is divided into ten districts:

1. Brokopondo
2. Commewijne
3. Coronie
4. Marowijne
5. Nickerie
6. Para
7. Paramaribo
8. Saramacca
9. Sipaliwini
10. Wanica

Suriname is further subdivided into 62 resorts (ressorten).

Last update: 13 July 2010
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