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Minister of health in Sudan Tabita Botros Shokai

A highly motivated resourceful and enthusiastic lecturer and consultant nurse with significant experience in healthcare liasing with multi-professional agencies to provide and improve healthcare.

The Federal Ministry of Health, Government of National Unity, the Republic of Sudan places a high level of importance to the private health sector in the provision of much needed health services to the people of Sudan. They are a key pillar of health system and contribute to the overall social and economic development of the country. In line with the National Health Policy, 25 years health sector strategic plan, 5-year strategic plan and essentially drawing on the national Constitution and international commitments, the health, which being central to the human development, is a social and human right of all citizens of Sudan, irrespective of their regional, religious, racial, cultural or ethnic affiliation. In this endeavor, the market based private health sector is an important partner and government shall harness its capacity in a meaningful manner. The Federal Ministry of Health working with stakeholders has developed this policy for the market based private health sector. It is essentially a win-win strategy in order to create an environment which is conducive to developing an active partnership by providing a framework for building trust and promoting healthy interaction between the public sector and private health sector. This policy, in this manner, acts as a platform for exchanging the experience and organizing resources and commitment of all partners to the increasing health needs of the people of Sudan and realizing the Millennium Development Goals.
Dr Tabita Botros Shokai, PhD
Minister for Health
Federal Ministry of Health,
Government of National Unity,
The Republic of Sudan

Tabita Botros Shokai minister of health in Sudan
map of Sudan regions

Sudan is divided into twenty-five states (wilayat, sing. wilayah) which in turn are subdivided into 87 districts; the ten states in Southern Sudan are subdivided into 84 counties. The states are:

  1. Al Jazirah
  2. Al Qadarif
  3. Blue Nile
  4. Central Equatoria
  5. East Equatoria
  6. Jonglei
  7. Kassala
  8. Khartoum
  9. Lakes
  10. North Bahr al Ghazal
  11. North Darfur
  12. North Kurdufan
  13. Northern (as-Samaliyya)
  14. Red Sea (al-Bahr al-Ahmar)
  15. River Nile
  16. Sennar
  17. South Darfur
  18. South Kurdufan
  19. Unity
  20. Upper Nile
  21. Warab
  22. West Bahr al Ghazal
  23. West Darfur
  24. West Equatoria
  25. White Nile

Last update: 13 July 2010
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