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Minister of health in Kaluga Oblast in Russia Yuriy A. Kondratyev

Minister of health in Kaluga Oblast Yuriy A. Kondratyev was born on August, 6th, 1959. Has graduated from Smolensk state medical institute (1982), pediatric faculty; the All-Russia correspondence financial and economic institute, Moscow (1999), economic faculty.He is "the Deserved doctor of the Russian Federation" (2007).

The Organization of public health services and public health has the higher qualifying category on a speciality. It was selected for two terms the deputy of Legislative Assembly of the Kaluga region 1990-1994 and 2000-2004

He is praised by Russian Ministry of Health (1998), and is awarded by the Certificate of honor of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (2001, 2003), the Certificate of honor of the Governor of the Kaluga region (2004).


Minister of health in Kaluga Oblast in Russia Yuriy A. Kondratyev


map of Kaluga oblast districts in Russia

Cities and towns under the Kaluga oblast's jurisdiction:

  1. Kaluga (Калуга) (administrative center)
  2. Kirov (Киров)
  3. Lyudinovo (Людиново)
  4. Obninsk (Обнинск)

Districts of Kaluga Oblast:

  1. Babyninsky (Бабынинский)
  2. Baryatinsky (Барятинский)
  3. Borovsky (Боровский)
  4. Duminichsky (Думиничский)
  5. Dzerzhinsky (Дзержинский)
  6. Ferzikovsky (Ферзиковский)
  7. Iznoskovsky (Износковский)
  8. Khvastovichsky (Хвастовичский)
  9. Kirovsky (Кировский)
  10. Kozelsky (Козельский)
  11. Kuybyshevsky (Куйбышевский)
  12. Lyudinovsky (Людиновский)
  13. Maloyaroslavetsky (Малоярославецкий)
  14. Medynsky (Медынский)
  15. Meshchovsky (Мещовский)
  16. Mosalsky (Мосальский)
  17. Peremyshlsky (Перемышльский)
  18. Spas-Demensky (Спас-Деменский)
  19. Sukhinichsky (Сухиничский)
  20. Tarussky (Тарусский)
  21. Ulyanovsky (Ульяновский)
  22. Yukhnovsky (Юхновский)
  23. Zhizdrinsky (Жиздринский)
  24. Zhukovsky (Жуковский)
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