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Minister of health in Irkutsk Oblast in Russia Gaidar M. Gaidarov

In the Irkutsk region work more than 50 thousand medical workers – on two and a half one million inhabitants, among them many talented, highly skilled physicians. Many of them carry honorary titles «the Deserved doctor of Russia» and «the Deserved worker of public health services». Thanking these most worthy people prestige of a medical trade remains still traditionally high. Considerable attention is paid to problems and needs of medicine nowdays. In modern conditions the care of health of the person is considered as the most important and priority problem of the state and a society. And our main task is rendering of timely, accessible and qualitative medical aid to the population of the Irkutsk region. And I am assured that we together will cope with this problem. On our site you can find useful phones of controls of public health services of region and learn the latest news in sphere of public health services of area. To get acquainted with a course of realisation of the national project "Health" and statutory acts. And even to ask a question to the Minister of Health of the Irkutsk region. All inhabitants of region would like to wish a sound health, well-being in families and successes in all undertakings! Yours faithfully, the Minister of Health of the Irkutsk region Gaydar Mamedovich Gajdarov

Minister of health in Irkutsk Oblast in Russia Gaidar M. Gaidarov


map of Irkutsk oblast districts in Russia

Ust-Orda Buryat Okrug Districts:

  1. Alarsky (Аларский)
  2. Bayandayevsky (Баяндаевский)
  3. Bokhansky (Боханский)
  4. Ekhirit-Bulagatsky (Эхирит-Булагатский)
  5. Nukutsky (Нукутский)
  6. Osinsky (Осинский)

Cities and towns under the Irkutsk oblast's jurisdiction:

  1. Irkutsk (Иркутск) (administrative center)
  2. Angarsk (Ангарск)
  3. Bodaybo (Бодайбо)
  4. Bratsk (Братск)
  5. Cheremkhovo (Черемхово)
  6. Nizhneudinsk (Нижнеудинск)
  7. Sayansk (Саянск)
  8. Shelekhov (Шелехов)
  9. Tayshet (Тайшет)
  10. Tulun (Тулун)
  11. Usolye-Sibirskoye (Усолье-Сибирское)
  12. Ust-Ilimsk (Усть-Илимск)
  13. Ust-Kut (Усть-Кут)
  14. Zima (Зима)

Districts of Irkutsk Oblast:

  1. Angarsky (Ангарский)
  2. Balagansky (Балаганский)
  3. Bodaybinsky (Бодайбинский)
  4. Bratsky (Братский)
  5. Cheremkhovsky (Черемховский)
  6. Chunsky (Чунский)
  7. Irkutsky (Иркутский)
  8. Kachugsky (Качугский)
  9. Katangsky (Катангский)
  10. Kazachinsko-Lensky (Казачинско-Ленский)
  11. Kirensky (Киренский)
  12. Kuytunsky (Куйтунский)
  13. Mamsko-Chuysky (Мамско-Чуйский)
  14. Nizhneilimsky (Нижнеилимский)
  15. Nizhneudinsky (Нижнеудинский)
  16. Olkhonsky (Ольхонский)
  17. Shelekhovsky (Шелеховский)
  18. Slyudyansky (Слюдянский)
  19. Tayshetsky (Тайшетский)
  20. Tulunsky (Тулунский)
  21. Usolsky (Усольский)
  22. Ust-Ilimsky (Усть-Илимский)
  23. Ust-Kutsky (Усть-Кутский)
  24. Ust-Udinsky (Усть-Удинский)
  25. Zalarinsky (Заларинский)
  26. Zhigalovsky (Жигаловский)
  27. Ziminsky (Зиминский)
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