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Minister of health in Voronezh Oblast in Russia Dmitry L. Avtonomov

Avtonomov Dmitry Leonidovich was born on April, 19th, 1960, he is Russian, he is married, has the daughter of 26 years, higher education.
Dmitry Avtonomov began to work in 1980. After graduating from Voronezh state medical institute in 1983 and clinical internship in 1985, has started independent professional work as anesthesiologist-reanimatologist in medical-sanitar branch № 94 3rd Central administrative boards Ministry of health of the USSR and then managing branch of resuscitation of hospital of the first help of Voronezh. The conscientious attitude to execution of the professional duty, the attentive relation to patients, application of modern methods of treatment on the basis of highly effective medical technologies and preparations, has allowed Dmitry Avtonomov to become the present leader of collectives.
Considering his high organizing abilities, the management of the Voronezh region has appointed him in 1997 the head physician of territorial medical association № 4 Voronezh, and in 2000 – Bobrovsky's head physician of territorial medical association. Heading Bobrovsky territorial medical association, Avtonomov D.L. has introduced many treatment of patients new in techniques, preventive maintenance of diseases. Especially the great value for inhabitants of area had building of the new therapeutic case by a total area of 6400 square meters with therapeutic, neurologic branches, branches of physiotherapy, blood transfusion, functional diagnostics, a telemedicine, endoscopy, a sun deck, hydrochloric mine, physiotherapy exercises hall that allows Bobrovsky's inhabitants of area to receive today medical aid at level of the regional center.
In 2005 Dmitry Avtonomov is appointed by the first deputy of the chief executive of territorial fund of obligatory medical insurance of the Voronezh region. From January, 2009 till April, 2009 – the head physician of Official body of public health services «the Voronezh regional clinical stomatologic polyclinic». Since April, 2009 - till June, 10th, 2010 – the chief executive of Territorial fund of obligatory medical insurance of the Voronezh region. The decree of the governor from 10.06.2010г. №187-Y Dmitry Avtonomov since June, 11th 2010. He is appointed acting the head of department of public health services of the Voronezh region, to the coordination in Ministry of health of Russian Federation.
In 2004 Dmitry Avtonomov is awarded with a medal to "the Honours of public health services». In 2003 he is selected by Bobrovsky's deputy of regional council of People's Deputies of the Voronezh region of the third convocation.

Minister of health in Voronezh Oblast in Russia Dmitry L. Avtonomov


map of Voronezh oblast districts in Russia

Cities and towns under the Voronezh oblast's jurisdiction:

  1. Voronezh (Воронеж) (administrative center)
  2. Borisoglebsk (Борисоглебск)
  3. Novovoronezh (Нововоронеж)

Districts of Voronezh Oblast:

  1. Anninsky (Аннинский)
  2. Bobrovsky (Бобровский)
  3. Bogucharsky (Богучарский)
  4. Borisoglebsky (Борисоглебский)
  5. Buturlinovsky (Бутурлиновский)
  6. Ertilsky (Эртильский)
  7. Gribanovsky (Грибановский)
  8. Kalacheyevsky (Калачеевский)
  9. Kamensky (Каменский)
  10. Kantemirovsky (Кантемировский)
  11. Kashirsky (Каширский)
  12. Khokholsky (Хохольский)
  13. Liskinsky (Лискинский)
  14. Nizhnedevitsky (Нижнедевицкий)
  15. Novokhopyorsky (Новохопёрский)
  16. Novousmansky (Новоусманский)
  17. Olkhovatsky (Ольховатский)
  18. Ostrogozhsky (Острогожский)
  19. Paninsky (Панинский)
  20. Pavlovsky (Павловский)
  21. Petropavlovsky (Петропавловский)
  22. Podgorensky (Подгоренский)
  23. Povorinsky (Поворинский)
  24. Ramonsky (Рамонский)
  25. Repyovsky (Репьёвский)
  26. Rossoshansky (Россошанский)
  27. Semiluksky (Семилукский)
  28. Talovsky (Таловский)
  29. Ternovsky (Терновский)
  30. Verkhnekhavsky (Верхнехавский)
  31. Verkhnemamonsky (Верхнемамонский)
  32. Vorobyovsky (Воробьёвский)
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