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Minister of health in Vladimir Oblast in Russia Sergey A. Martynov

The Governor's assistant on social policy Martynov Sergey Alekseevich
Contact phone: (4922 32-51-45
Reception: 624 office. (In administration building of the region) Coordinates development of branches of social sphere of area.

Conducts questions:

* the general, professional, higher education;
* public health services;
* population social protection;
* cultures;
* physical training, sports and tourism;
* the youth policy;
* the family, female policy and the childhood;
* migration and population employment;
* labour relations;
* interactions with off-budget funds, public organisations and associations;
* the control over licensing of kinds of activity (within the competence);
* observance of copyrights.

Directly co-ordinates and supervises activity:

* committee on social policy;
* department on work and a manpower
* committee to the youth policy
* public health services department;
* formation department;
* department of social protection of the population;
* department on culture;
* department on physical training, sports and tourism

Minister of health in Vladimir Oblast in Russia Sergey A. Martynov


map of Vladimir oblast districts in Russia

Cities and towns under the Vladimir oblast's jurisdiction:

  1. Vladimir (Владимир) (administrative center)
  2. Alexandrov (Александров)
  3. Gus-Khrustalny (Гусь-Хрустальный)
  4. Kolchugino (Кольчугино)
  5. Kovrov (Ковров)
  6. Murom (Муром)
  7. Sobinka (Собинка)
  8. Suzdal (Суздаль)
  9. Vyazniki (Вязники)

Districts of Vladimir Oblast:

  1. Alexandrovsky (Александровский)
  2. Gorokhovetsky (Гороховецкий)
  3. Gus-Khrustalny (Гусь-Хрустальный)
  4. Kameshkovsky (Камешковский)
  5. Kirzhachsky (Киржачский)
  6. Kolchuginsky (Кольчугинский)
  7. Kovrovsky (Ковровский)
  8. Melenkovsky (Меленковский)
  9. Muromsky (Муромский)
  10. Petushinsky (Петушинский)
  11. Selivanovsky (Селивановский)
  12. Sobinsky (Собинский)
  13. Sudogodsky (Судогодский)
  14. Suzdalsky (Суздальский)
  15. Vyaznikovsky (Вязниковский)
  16. Yuryev-Polsky (Юрьев-Польский)
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