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Minister of health in Republic of Karelia in Russia Elmira K. Zilber

Elmira Zilber was born in Severomorsk in a family of the naval officer. She finished high school in Murmansk. Her favourite subjects at school were chemistry, physics and mathematics. Since childhood she was very active. After school she had been working in in Murmansk city hospital, then she enrolled on medical faculty of Petrozavodsk state university.

From the fourth year of studying Elmira Zilber annually became the winner of student's scientific conferences. Having finished in 1994 university and working as the doctor-therapist of Republican hospital of V.A.Baranova, she continued to be engaged in scientific work which has poured out in 2000 in the master's thesis (PhD). In 2006 Elmira Kurbankadievna has protected the doctor's degree. She was the assistant to the head physician of Republican hospital on diagnostics, managing Respiratory the centre, the main lung specialist of Ministry of Health of Kareliya. With participation of the main therapist of Ministry of Health of Russia, academician Alexander Chuchalina who was her mento for doctor's degree, and under its offer on the basis of the Respiratory centre the branch of the Moscow scientific research institute of pulmonology is opened. Hardly its opening would be possible without activity and creative potential of Elmiry Kurbankadievny.

She has original professional ideas which she aspires to realise and has speeches on the congresses in several countries and in native Russia. She supports friendly relations and carries out joint researches with doctors of Norway, USA, Moscow, Petersburg, etc. And — the main thing, successfully treats patients and prepares shots of intelligent doctors for new section of public health services — respiratory medicine/pulmonology which at first has arisen in Petrozavodsk, and then was extended in Russia. Ideas at it interesting, employees willingly realise them, students love it, and atmosphere round it always healthy, creative, curious.

Minister of health in Republic of Karelia in Russia Elmira K. Zilber

In people of Elmira Zilber appreciates sincerity and an openness. She is able to be on friendly terms and till now keeps relations with friends from Murmansk city hospital in which has worked only one year. Speaking about a problem of today's businessmen — hypodynamia, Elmira Kurbankadievna is assured that health is a movement. Pavel Tumanov

Elmira Kurbankadievna Zilber - the Assistant to head physician "Republican hospital of a name of V.A.Baranova", managing the Respiratory Center, the doctor of medical sciences for the big contribution to creation and development of a new direction of public health services - respiratory therapy/pulmonology and the organisation on the basis of republican hospital of the respiratory centre first in Russia is named by the Winner of 2007 of Republic Kareliya.

map of Karelia districts in Russia

Karelia is divided in 2 (3) major towns and 16 (15) districts:

Cities and towns under republic's jurisdiction:

  1. Petrozavodsk (Петрозаводск) (capital)
  2. Kostomuksha (Костомукша)
  3. Sortavala (Сортавала)


  1. Belomorsky (Беломорский)
  2. Kalevalsky (Калевальский)
  3. Kemsky (Кемский)
  4. Kondopozhsky (Кондопожский)
  5. Lakhdenpokhsky (Лахденпохский)
  6. Loukhsky (Лоухский)
  7. Medvezhyegorsky (Медвежьегорский)
  8. Muyezersky (Муезерский)
  9. Olonetsky (Олонецкий)
  10. Pitkyarantsky (Питкярантский)
  11. Prionezhsky (Прионежский)
  12. Pryazhinsky (Пряжинский)
  13. Pudozhsky (Пудожский)
  14. Segezhsky (Сегежский)
  15. Suoyarvsky (Суоярвский)
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