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Minister of health in Republic of Adygea in Russia Natkho Raziet Hamedovna

Minister of health in Republic of Adygea in Russia Natkho Raziet Hamedovna was born 5 January 1961 in Novo-Bzhegokai aul Teuchezhsky district in Adygeya republic.

In 1980 she graduated from Armavir legal technical school on a speciality: Jurisprudence and the account in social security system.
In 1988 she graduated from Kuban state university on a speciality "Jurisprudence".
In 2002 she has received the diploma of the North Caucasian sociopolitical institute in a speciality "Sociology".
Since 1992 worked as the deputy minister, the chief of department of pensions of the Ministry of social protection, the First deputy of the Minister of Health and social welfare in Adygea Republic.
The decree of the President of the Russian Federation from 31.08.98 Natkho Raziet Hamedovna appropriates honorary title the Deserved worker of social protection of the population of the Russian Federation.
1992 till 2002 the Minister of social welfare, work and social development in Adygea Republic .
Since 2003 till 2009 she was the director of Federal state unitary branch (rus. ) Stavropol PrOp of Ministry of Social Development (Minzdravsotsrazvitija) of Russian Federation.
In 2009 by the Order of the Cabinet from 3/2/2009 of year 65-r she was appointed to the post the deputy minister of public health services Adygea Republic.
In 2009 by the Decree of the President of Republic Adygea from 6/2/2009 60 she was appointed to the post of Adygea Republic Health Minister.


map of Adygea Republic districts in Russia

Adygea is administratively divided into seven districts (raions), two cities/towns, and five urban-type settlements. Municipally, Adygea is divided into two urban okrugs, five urban settlements, and 46 rural settlements.

Cities and towns under Adygea Republic's jurisdiction

Districts of Adygea
Giaginsky District
Koshekhablsky District
Krasnogvardeysky District
Maykopsky District
Shovgenovsky District
Takhtamukaysky District
Teuchezhsky District

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