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Minister of health in Niue Hon O'Love Jacobsen

Minister of Health, Public Works (Water Supply, Building, Civil and Quarry, Outside Services and Heavy Plant), Women's Affairs; Niue Power Corporation since June 2008

Member helping the Minister - Hon Halene Kupa Magatogia MP, Member helping the Minister - Hon Opili Talafasi MP

Tauveve OLove Jacobsen is a Niuean politician. Currently a member of the Niue Assembly (national Parliament) and a minister in Toke Talagi's government[3], she was previously a long-standing leading figure in the informal parliamentary Opposition to Young Vivian's government. She is, at present, Minister of Health, Minister of Public Works, Minister of Womens Affairs, and Minister in charge of the Niue Power Corporation. She has previously been Minister of Education, Health, Environment, Training and Development. Additionally, Jacobsen is a member of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, and Patroness of the Niuean Volleyball Association.

Following the 1999 general election, she was a candidate for the post of Premier (head of government), who is selected by the national Assembly. She lost to Sani Lakatani, of the Niue People's Party, by six votes to fourteen. Following the 2005 general election, Jacobsen was Young Vivian's only opponent contending for the position of Premier. She was defeated by three votes to seventeen. Vivian thanked her for competing against him: That the selection was contested, thanks to Ekepule [member of the Assembly] Olove Jacobsen, confirms our determination under the Westminster system of government to adhere and uphold one of the fundamental principles of democracy. In February 2008, Jacobsen stated that landowners had been bullied into authorising the building of a hotel and golf course on their land, a project supported by the government and funded by Chinese investors. Premier Young Vivian rejected the allegation.

In the lead-up to the 2008 general election, which saw her successfully retain her seat in the Assembly (as a common roll representative, Jacobsen was critical of the fact that several members of the Assembly would be re-elected unopposed. She accused Vivian of discouraging people from taking part in the election as Opposition candidates, and argued that a democracy requires voters being able to choose between several candidates in each constituency. If the principle of democracy is going to be upheld, then it is very important that people do need to go to the polls and not have them unopposed and become duly elected.

Vivian rejected Jacobsen's criticism, and argued in return that candidates were chosen within the villages, in traditional ways. With such a practice, he said, "there is no conflict, theres peace and togetherness.[15] A government news publication stated with thinly veiled criticism that Jacobsen "saw herself as a self-appointed backbench champion of the masses". Following the election, Jacobsen supported Toki Talagi's candidacy to prime ministership, against Vivian.

O'Love Jacobsen minister of health in Niue

Fisa Pihigia - minister of health in Niue in March 2003

Fisa Pihigia - minister of health in Niue in March 2003

Dr Hare Paka
Director -General of Health
Ministry of Health
P.O. Box 33
Alofi - Niue
Ph.: (683) 4100
Fax: (683) 4265

map of Niue island

Niue is a 269 island in the southern Pacific Ocean, east of Tonga.

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