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Minister of health in New Caledonia Jean-Alain Course



Until the 1990s the health system was managed by the health services of the French Army. There is a public sector accessible to all and a private sector. There is a territorial hospital complex on Noumea which gives care in medicine, surgery, obstetrics an rehabilitation. There is also a hospital complex in the North (Koumac and Poindimie) which gives care in medicine, surgery and obstetrics and also a specialised hospital complex which gives care in psychiatry and geriatrics.

There are 481 doctors, 1221 nurses and 96 midwives

Jean-Alain Course - Directeur of health department in New Caledonia in 2005

map of New Caledonia subdivisions

Along with other Pacific Ocean territories of French Polynesia and Wallis and Futuna, New Caledonia is part of the French Republic. Administratively, the archipelago is divided into three provinces:

* South Province (province Sud). Provincial capital: Noumea. Population: 183,007 inhabitants (2009).
* North Province (province Nord). Provincial capital: Kone. Population: 45,137 inhabitants (2009).
* Loyalty Islands Province (province des iles Loyaute). Provincial capital: Lifou. Population: 17,436 inhabitants (2009).

It is further subdivided into thirty-three communes. One commune, Poya, is divided between two provinces. The northern half of Poya, with the main settlement and most of the population, is part of the North Province, while the southern half of the commune, with only 127 inhabitants in 2009, is part of the South Province.

South Province

1. Thio
2. Yate
3. L'Ile-des-Pins
4. Le Mont-Dore
5. Noumea
6. Dumbea
7. Paita
8. Bouloupari
9. La Foa
10. Sarramea
11. Farino
12. Moindou
13. Bourail
14. Poya (part north)

North Province

14. Poya (part south)
15. Pouembout
16. Kone
17. Voh
18. Kaala-Gomen
19. Koumac
20. Poum
21. Belep
22. Ouegoa
23. Pouebo
24. Hienghene
25. Touho
26. Poindimie
27. Ponerihouen
28. Houailou
29. Kouaoua
30. Canala

Loyalty Islands Province

31. Ouvea
32. Lifou
33. Mare

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