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Minister of health in Mongolia S.Lambaa

The Ministry of Health, Mongolia has been working, in collaboration with the nation's health care professionals and researchers, to provide extensive coverage of client-based, quality health care services to all Mongolians.  The Ministry carries out the following objectives within this broad concept:

  • Providing health education to the population (including improving the contents, means, quality, and outputs of information, education and communication), and promoting healthy lifestyle to each and every citizen of Mongolia ;
  • Strengthening the capacity of soum and family group practices throughout the country in setting up a national preventive healthcare system;
  • Introducing the latest advancement in science, technology, and traditional medicines to the diagnostic capacity, treatment, rehabilitation, nursing, and pharmaceuticals manufacturing in the health sector;
  • Classifying and developing tertiary-level hospitals as academic and research-oriented, diagnostic, treatment or rehabilitative centers;
  • Supporting private-sector facilities such as hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, and other health-related services and business, while at the same time, requiring standards of quality assurances to be met in these facilities.
  • Establishing the national network of healthcare providers to reach rural and remote places to ensure the provision of emergency medical care services, and promoting the services provided by mobile clinics;
  • Establishing the national network of telemedicine, providing every citizen with an electronic health card (thus, removing health bureaucracies), and establishing a transparent and accessible monitoring system to paid health care services;
  • Enhancing the economic outputs of health financing and investments, and revising the health insurance system;
  • Developing and implementing national programs on prevention and control of cancer, tuberculosis, and sexually-transmitted diseases;
  • Revising the work capability assessment and incentive mechanisms for health professionals to require health professionals to be highly-educated, skilled, responsible, ethical, and humane.  In addition, the revised work capability assessment and incentive mechanism will protect the status of health professionals and guarantee a stable working condition for them; and
  • Designing the developmental phases of public sports in Mongolia , and developing the government policy on public sports and the other major policy steps to be taken in order to implement legal and economic reforms in the sector.

I would like to emphasize that it is of the utmost significance for the Ministry of Health, health care professionals and the citizens of Mongolia to take mutual responsibility, and have confidence in each other, in ensuring that the national standard of health is raised.  Being healthy does not only depend on the health care services that are provided, but also on committing to a healthy lifestyle, such as getting proper rest, having a healthy diet, partaking in sporting and physical activities, living free of bad habits, and having regular medical check-ups.

It is vital that we work together under the motto Together for Health.  I ask that medical and health care professionals keep their oath of practicing medicine and providing medical care ethically, and that patients respect these professionals.

S.Lambaa minister of health in Mongolia

map of Mongolia regions

Mongolia is divided into 21 aimags (provinces), which are in turn divided into 329 sums (districts). The capital Ulaanbaatar is administrated separately as a khot (municipality) with provincial status. The aimags are:

  1. Arkhangai
  2. Bayan-Olgii
  3. Bayankhongor
  4. Bulgan
  5. Darkhan-Uul
  6. Dornod
  7. Dornogovi
  8. Dundgovi
  9. Govi-Altai
  10. Govisumber
  11. Khentii
  12. Khovd
  13. Khovsgol
  14. Omnogovi
  15. Orkhon
  16. Ovorkhangai
  17. Selenge
  18. Sukhbaatar
  19. Tov
  20. Uvs
  21. Zavkhan
Last update: 14 July 2010
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