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Minister of health in Malta Joe Cassar

Joe Cassar is a Maltese politician currently serving as Minister for Health, The Elderly and Community Care. He was born 19 May 1966 ( 1966-05-19 ) (age 44) His education was at St. Aloysius College and then at the University of Malta. He graduated as a doctor on 1990.

His after specialisation was as a psychiatrist at the University of Yale, USA. In fact for a number of years he worked as a consultant within the Department of Health. He is also a lecturer at the University of Malta.
Medical Doctor. During his professional career, Dr. Joe Cassar was President of the Malta Medical Students Association, an executive member within the Medical Association of Malta, the President of Yale Psychiatry Residents Association and an active member of the International Catholic Movement.

He is also the author of numerous papers related to psychiatry.
Political life. He represented the Nationalist Party in the Medical Board for the Maltese Electoral Commission. He contested the 2008 elections in the interest of the Nationalist Party successfully getting elected to the House of Representatives of Malta. Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi appointed his as Parliamentary Secretary of Health in the Ministry of Social Policy, assisting Minister John Dalli

Following John Dalli's resignation from the post of Minister for Social Policy due to his appointment as European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, The portfolios of Health, Elderly and Community Care were assigned a Ministry. Joe Cassar became Minister for Health, Elderly and Community Care on February 9, 2010. Assisting him will be Mario Galea retaining his post as Parliamentary Secretary for the Elderly and Community Care.

In office for Parliamentary Secretary for Health March 12, 2008 – February 9, 2010. He has 2 children.

Since 9 February 2010 he is a minister of health on Malta.

Joe Cassar minister of health in Malta


map of Malta councils

Since 1993, Malta has been subdivided into 68 local councils or localities (meaning municipalities). These form the most basic form of local government and there are no intermediate levels between it and the national level. The levels of the 6 districts (5 on the main island) and of the 3 regions (2 on the main island) serve statistical purposes.

  1. tal-Belt Valletta (Citta Umillisima) - South Street, Valletta (Triq in-Nofsinhar, il-Belt Valletta)
  2. tal-Imdina (Citta Notabile) - Council Square, Mdina (Misrah il-Kunsill, l-Imdina)
  3. tal-Birgu (Citta Vittoriosa) - Couvre Porte Street, Vittoriosa (Couvre Porte, il-Birgu)
  4. tal-Isla (Citta Invicta) - St. Joseph Street, Senglea (Triq San Guzepp, l-Isla)
  5. ta' Bormla (Citta Cospicua) - St. Margaret Square, Cospicua (Misrah Santa Margarita, Bormla)
  6. ta' Hal Qormi (Citta Pinto) - Victory Street, Qormi (Triq il-Vitorja, Hal Qormi)
  7. ta' Haz-Zebbug (Citta Rohan) - Bishop Caruana Street, Zebbug, Malta (Triq l-Isqof Caruana, Haz-Zebbug)
  8. tas-Siggiewi (Citta Ferdinand) - St. Nicholas' Square, Siggiewi (Pjazza San Nikola, is-Siggiewi)
  9. ta' Haz-Zabbar (Citta Hompesch) - Cawsli Street, Zabbar (Triq ic-Cawsli, Haz-Zabbar)
  10. taz-Zejtun (Citta Beland) - St. Angelo Street, Zejtun (Triq Sant' Anglu, iz-Zejtun)
  11. tar-Rabat Ghawdex (Citta Vittoria) - Independence Square, Victoria, Gozo (Pjazza Indipendenza, ir-Rabat, Ghawdex)
  12. ta' H'Attard - Main Street, Attard (Triq il-Kbira, H'Attard)
  13. ta' Hal Balzan - Main Street, Balzan (Triq il-Kbira, Hal Balzan)
  14. ta' Birkirkara - Thomas Fenech Street, B'Kara (Triq Tumas Fenech, Birkirkara)
  15. ta' Birzebbuga - St. Mary's Street, B'Bugia (Triq Santa Marija, Birzebbuga)
  16. ta' Had-Dingli - Sienja Lane, Dingli (Dahlet is-Sienja, Had-Dingli)
  17. tal-Fgura - Carmelo Street, Fgura (Triq il-Karmnu, il-Fgura)
  18. tal-Floriana - E.S. Tonna Square, Floriana (Pjazza E.S. Tonna, il-Furjana)
  19. tal-Fontana - Spring Street, Fontana, Gozo (Triq il-Ghajn, il-Fontana, Ghawdex)
  20. t'Ghajnsielem - Apiration Square, Ghajnsielem, Gozo (Pjazza d-Dehra, Ghajnsielem, Ghawdex)
  21. tal-Gharb - Visitation Street, Gharb, Gozo (Triq il-Vizitazzjoni, l-Gharb, Ghawdex)
  22. ta' Hal Gharghur - St. Nicholas' Street, Gharghur (Triq San Nikola, Hal Gharghur)
  23. tal-Ghasri - Rev. C. Caruana Street, Ghasri, Gozo (Triq Dun K. Caruana, l-Ghasri, Ghawdex)
  24. ta' Hal Ghaxaq - Labour Avenue, Ghaxaq (Vjal il-Labour, Hal Ghaxaq)
  25. tal-Gudja - R. Caruana Street, Gudja (Triq R. Caruana, il-Gudja)
  26. tal-Gzira - Rue D'Argens, Gzira (Triq D'Argens, il-Gzira)
  27. tal-Hamrun - St. Joseph High Street, Hamrun (Triq il-Kbira San Guzepp, il-Hamrun)
  28. tal-Iklin - Romancers Path, Iklin (Trejqet ir-Rumanziera, l-Iklin)
  29. tal-Kalkara - Salvatur Estate, Kalkara (Binja Salvatur, il-Kalkara)
  30. ta' Ta' Kercem - Orvieto Square, Kercem, Gozo (Pjazza Orvieto, Ta' Kercem, Ghawdex)
  31. ta' Hal Kirkop - St. Benedict Street, Kirkop (Triq San Benedittu, Hal Kirkop)
  32. ta' Hal Lija - R. Mifsud Bonnici Street, Lija (Triq R. Mifsud Bonnici, Hal Lija)
  33. ta' Hal Luqa - St. Paul's Street, Luqa (Triq San Pawl, Hal Luqa)
  34. tal-Marsa - Balbi Street, Marsa (Triq Balbi, il-Marsa)
  35. ta' Marsaskala - Salini Street, M'Scala (Triq is-Salini, Wied il-Ghajn)
  36. ta' Marsaxlokk - V. Cassar Street, M'Xlokk (Triq V. Cassar, Marsaxlokk)
  37. tal-Mellieha - New Mill Street, Mellieha (Triq il-Mithna l-Gdida, il-Mellieha)
  38. tal-Imgarr - Sir Harry Luke Street, Mgarr (Triq Sir Harry Luke, l-Imgarr)
  39. tal-Mosta - Constitution Street, Mosta (Triq il-Kostituzzjoni, il-Mosta)
  40. tal-Imqabba - Parish Street, Mqabba (Triq il-Parrocca, l-Imqabba)
  41. tal-Imsida - Church Street, Msida (Triq il-Knisja, l-Imsida)
  42. tal-Imtarfa - Maltese Regiments Street, Mtarfa (Triq ir-Regimenti Maltin, l-Imtarfa)
  43. tal-Munxar - Profs. G. Aqulina Street, Munxar, Gozo (Triq il-Prof. G. Aquilina, il-Munxar, Ghawdex)
  44. tan-Nadur - North Street, Nadur, Gozo (Triq it-Tramuntana, in-Nadur, Ghawdex)
  45. tan-Naxxar - 21st September Avenue, Naxxar (Vjal il-Wiehed u Ghoxrin ta' Settembru, in-Naxxar)
  46. ta' Paola - Sir Paul Boffa Garden, Church Street, Paola (Gnien Pawlu Boffa, Triq il-Knisja, Rahal Gdid)
  47. ta' Pembroke - Alamein Street, Pembroke (Triq Alamein, Pembroke)
  48. ta' Tal-Pieta - K. Mifsud Street, Pieta' (Triq K. Mifsud, Tal-Pieta)
  49. tal-Qala - Bishop M. Buttigieg Street, Qala, Gozo (Triq l-Isqof M. Buttigieg, il-Qala, Ghawdex)
  50. tal-Qrendi - Church Street, Qrendi (Triq il-Knisja, il-Qrendi)
  51. tar-Rabat - Hospital Street, Rabat (Triq l-Isptar, ir-Rabat, Malta)
  52. ta' Hal Safi - School Street, Safi (Triq l-Iskola, Hal Safi)
  53. ta' San Giljan - Forrest Street, St. Julians' (Triq Forrest, San Giljan)
  54. ta' San Gwann - R. Caruana Dingli Street, San Gwann (Triq R. Caruana Dingli, San Gwann)
  55. ta' San Lawrenz - Our Lady of Sorrows Street, St. Lawrence, Gozo (Triq id-Duluri, San Lawrenz, Ghawdex)
  56. ta' San Pawl il-Bahar - St. Paul's Street, St. Paul's Bay (Triq San Pawl, San Pawl il-Bahar)
  57. ta' Ta' Sannat - Sannat Road, Sannat, Gozo (Triq Sannat, Ta' Sannat, Ghawdex)
  58. ta' Santa Lucija - Faqqani Estate, Sunflower Street, St. Lucia (Binja Tal-Faqqani, Triq il-Girasol, Santa Lucija)
  59. ta' Santa Venera - St. Joseph High Street, St. Venera (Triq il-Kbira San Guzepp, Santa Venera)
  60. ta' Tas-Sliema - Depiro Street, Sliema (Triq Depiro, Tas-Sliema)
  61. tas-Swieqi - St. Andrews' Road, Swieqi (Triq Sant' Andrija, is-Swieqi)
  62. ta' Hal Tarxien - St. Mary's Street, Tarxien (Triq Santa Marija, Hal Tarxien)
  63. ta' Ta' Xbiex - Mradd Street, Ta' Xbiex (Triq l-Imradd, Ta' Xbiex)
  64. tax-Xaghra - 8th September Avenue, Xaghra, Gozo (Vjal it-Tmienja ta' Settembru, ix-Xaghra, Ghawdex)
  65. tax-Xewkija - Tingi Tower Street, Xewkija, Gozo (Triq it-Torri Tingi, ix-Xewkija, Ghawdex)
  66. tax-Xghajra - E. Ellul Street, Xghajra (Triq E. Ellul, ix-Xghajra)
  67. taz-Zebbug Ghawdex - Church Street, Zebbug, Gozo (Triq il-Knisja, iz-Zebbug, Ghawdex)
  68. taz-Zurrieq - P.P. Saydon Street, Zurrieq (Triq Pietru Pawl Saydon, iz-Zurrieq)
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