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Minister of health in Mexico Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos

Dr. Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos is from Leon, Guanajuato, is a Medical Surgeon graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Leon, University of Guanajuato, a specialist in Internal Medicine by the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition Salvador Zubiran, General Surgery Digestive Endoscopy, University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, France. He did a Diploma in Public Administration Municipal and State, and subsequently obtained a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Guanajuato.

He also has the appointment of Doctor Honoris Causa by the University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, France. He was director of the Medical Faculty of the University of Guanajuato from 1990 to 1997, Chief of General Surgery Service at Hospital Regional de Leon from 1983 to 1987, Deputy Medical Specialties Hospital of the IMSS in that city from 1985 to 1990, Chairman Mexican Association of Digestive Endoscopy, from 1995 to 1996 and Foreign Secretary of the Mexican Association of Gastroenterology in 1993. President of the Mexican Association of Colleges and Schools of Medicine from 1995 to 1997.

Was awarded the "Robins", for the best career average in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Guanajuato in 1973, 1974 and 1975 and the award given to the best students in Mexico in 1976.

He was also National Research Award by the Mexican Association of Gastroenterology, Health Research Award in the State of Guanajuato nationally; Award and Order of Merit Afacinera Francisco Hernandez in Medical Education in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1997 and Nobel FUNSALUD Robinson Bours "in Medical Education in 1997.

Likewise it has received various awards such as the Government of Guanajuato for their academic career, by the National Academy of Medicine for his legislative record and the Federal Health Ministry for its legislative work, and receive from the French Government in February 2010 Honor of the National Order of the Legion of Honor in grade of Men.

He has received several awards among which the United Nations as "Over Mexico in the UN, more United Nations in Mexico" and the Red Cross Medal of the Grand Cross.

He has presented 167 scientific papers as an author in several national forums and abroad and has co-authored by 23. He has published 70 articles or abstracts in medical journals, national and international chapters and 17 books on medicine, is medical editor of 3 books: Endoscopic procedures in gastroenterology, general surgery for medical students, Text of General Surgery for Medical Students .

It belongs to 13 national and international scientific associations, has six certified by different boards of specialties in Mexico, participated in 11 different positions and was a juror on several occasions for scientific events. It belongs to the Mexican Academy of Surgery and the National Academy of Medicine.

He was Director of the Electoral Institute Citizen of Guanajuato and General Council Chairman thereof.

Federal Deputy National Action Party in the LIX Legislature.

Considered by Consulta Mitofsky on a survey of all members of the House and the legislature that more work done in committees. He presented 18 initiatives and 8 point agreement of national importance as to encourage the establishment of the National Institute of Genomic Medicine.

Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos minister of health in Mexico

Julio Frenk, Mexico Minister of Health 2004

Julio Frenk, Mexico Minister of Health 2004

Born, December 20, 1953 in Mexico City


  • Medical Doctor, National University of Mexico, 1979.
  • Master of Public Health, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1981.
  • Master of Arts in Sociology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1982.
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Care Organization and Sociology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1983.


  • Minister of Health, Mexico, December 2000-to date.
  • Executive Director, Evidence and Information for Policy, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland, 1998-2000.
  • Executive Vice President and Director of the Centre for Health and Economy, Mexican Health Foundation, 1995-1998.
  • Visiting Professor, Harvard Centre for Population and Development Studies, 1992-1993.
  • Founding Director General of the National Institute of Public Health of Mexico, 1987-1992.
  • Founding Director of the Centre of Public Health Research, Ministry of Health of Mexico, 1984-1987.


  • Member of the Editorial Boards of 10 national and international journals.
  • Member of 12 scientific and professional associations, including the National Academy of Medicine of Mexico and the U.S. Institute of Medicine.


  • Author of 28 books and monographs; 44 book chapters, 80 articles in academic journals, and 103 articles in cultural magazines and newspapers.


  • Fellow, Michigan Society of Fellows, The University of Michigan, 1982-1984.
  • National researcher, Mexican Research System, Mexico City, 1984-1998.
  • International Fellow in Health, The W.K. Kellogg Foundation, 1986-1989.
  • Cecilio A. Robelo Award for Scientific Research, State of Morelos, Mexico, April 1993.

map of Mexico regions

The United Mexican States are a federation of thirty-one free and sovereign states, which form a union that exercises jurisdiction over the Federal District and other territories. State and the capitol

  1. Aguascalientes Aguascalientes
  2. Baja California Mexicali
  3. Baja California Sur La Paz
  4. Campeche Campeche
  5. Chiapas Tuxtla Gutierrez
  6. Chihuahua Chihuahua
  7. Coahuila Saltillo
  8. Colima Colima
  9. Federal District Mexico City
  10. Durango Durango
  11. Guanajuato Guanajuato
  12. Guerrero Chilpancingo
  13. Hidalgo Pachuca
  14. Jalisco Guadalajara
  15. Mexico State Toluca
  16. Michoacan Morelia
  17. Morelos Cuernavaca
  18. Nayarit Tepic
  19. Nuevo Leon Monterrey
  20. Oaxaca Oaxaca
  21. Puebla Puebla
  22. Queretaro Queretaro
  23. Quintana Roo Chetumal
  24. San Luis Potosi San Luis Potosi
  25. Sinaloa Culiacan
  26. Sonora Hermosillo
  27. Tabasco Villahermosa
  28. Tamaulipas Ciudad Victoria
  29. Tlaxcala Tlaxcala
  30. Veracruz Xalapa
  31. Yucatan Merida
  32. Zacatecas Zacatecas
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