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Minister of health in Macau Lei Chin Ion

Macau, China, 31 Aug -The office of Chief Executive-designate Fernando Chui Sai On will officially start working today, the Macau Government Information Bureau (GCS) announced Sunday. The office will be located at Macau Chinese Bank Building on Travessa do Padre Narcisco. The building is adjacent to the Praia Grande Government Headquarters. According to the announcement, the government of Chief Executive Edmund Ho Hau Wah will give its full support to the office, which will have preparations for the 2010 Policy Address as one of its main tasks. Informed sources told The Macau Post Daily earlier this month that Chui Sai On is set to deliver his 2010 Policy Address early next year. The costs of the office will be borne by the government. The announcement also said that the office would study the "most adequate" structure of the future government in line with Macau's development needs. Informed sources have told The Macau Post Daily that the future government would "most probably" comprise seven policy secretariats. The current number of policy secretaries stands at five.

According to the sources quoted by the paper, the future government's new portfolios will cover the justice and health sectors that currently are part of the secretariat for justice and administration and secretariat for social affairs and culture, respectively. The sources have indicated that Legal Affairs Bureau (DSAJ) Director Andre Cheong Weng Chon will likely be made future secretary for justice and Health Bureau (SSM) Lei Chin Ion future secretary for health. According to the sources, all the four current policy secretaries are to remain in their posts. However, Secretary for Administration and Justice Florinda da Rosa Silva Chan is set to "lose" the justice segment. Fernando Chui Sai On resigned as secretary for social affairs and culture in May so that he could run for chief executive. Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ) Director Sou Chio Fai and Macau Polytechnic Institute (IPM) Rector Lei Heong Iok have been mentioned as possible secretaries for the social affairs, education and culture portfolio. Fernando Chui Sai On is scheduled to start his job on December 20, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Macau Special Administrative Region (MSAR). President Hu Jintao is widely expected to attend the event. (MacauNews)

Lei Chin Ion minister of health in Macau

Macau, China, 11 Jun 2010 - The government will spend 100 million patacas ( US$ 12.5 million) on the purchase of one million doses of A (H1N1) vaccines, Health Bureau (SSM) Director Lei Chin Ion announced Wednesday.

Lei Chin Ion said the order was enough to provide two doses per resident. At the end of March, Macau had 546,200 inhabitants, according to the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC). The SSM director made the announcement after the first meeting of the interdepartmental flu coordination centre, which was set up by Chief Executive Edmundo Ho Hau Wah on Monday. Edmund Ho will return Friday from a three-day trip to a Pan Pearl River Delta (PPRD) cooperation forum in Nanning, Guangxi. Lei Chin Ion said he expected the first lot of the swine-flu vaccines to be delivered to Macau in October. He said that each dose costs between 100 to 140 patacas. The SSM director said that the vaccination will be free for those suffering from chronic illnesses, senior citizens, children under 12 and free medical welfare recipients. Lei Chin Ion also said that the government would raise its flu alert level only when a swine flu case has been confirmed locally.

The government raised its flu alert level to its second highest, Level 5, on May 18. Macau has not recorded any suspected or confirmed case of swine flu so far. However, the SSM director said that due to the possible "import" of swine flu, "we believe that the first case here can happen any time." (MacauNews)

Macau, China, 19 May 2010 - The Macau government announced Monday that the Flu Pandemic Prevention Coordination Team had raised the local pandemic alert to the 2th highest level.

The Health Bureau (SSM) Director Lei Chin Ion said that the reason for the hike from Level 4 to Level 5 was community-level outbreak of A (H1N1) in Japan. Lei Chin Ion said that due to the Level 5 alert passengers arriving on direct flights from Japan at Macau International Airport wold undergo special health checks. Due to level 5 alert, anyone planning to visit a patient at the government hospital needs to apply beforehand and all the visitors to the hospital also needed from now on to wear face masks. The SSM Director also said that all local schools were advised to strengthen their flu prevention measures, including students?s daily temperature checks. He also appealed to schools to postpone the staging of events involving a large number of participants. Lei Chin Ion reaffirmed last night that so far no suspected or confirmed case of swine flu has been recorded in Macau. Meanwhile a Filipino family of five became Monday the fist people in Macau to be quarantined over the swine flu menace. According to a statement by the SSM the five - A couple and their two sons and daughter- were taken to Hac Sa Youth Hostel in Coloane island for quarantine until Sunday. The statement said the family tested negative to the A(H1N1) flu at the hospital earlier Monday adding that they were slated to be in quarantine for seven days starting from the day they got in contact with a confirmed swine flu patient on a flight from the United States to Hong Kong last week. (MacauNews)

map of Macau regions

Macau has generally flat terrain resulting from extensive land reclamation, but numerous steep hills mark the original natural land mass. The modern high-rise skyline of Macau obscures much of the hilly landscape. The Macau skyline both defines and obscures its topography.

The Macau Peninsula is narrow in shape but varies in terrain:

The East Ocean Watching Hill, West Ocean Watching Hill, Persimmon Hill, Lotus Hill, Luosi Hill and Qingzhou Hill are famous scenic spots in Macau. The Persimmon Hill used to be a fortress surrounded by stone walls. The fortress, which resembles an imposing European castle, is now a tourist attraction. Standing on the Persimmon Hill, one gains a panoramic view of both Macau and the nearby Zhuhai.

The West Ocean Watching Hill, a tranquil scenic spot, is noted for the cathedral and the bishop's mansion on its top. Viewed from the Nanxi Bay in the distance, particularly against the evening glow, the cathedral and the mansion stand in their full splendor. From the top of the Persimmon Hill, one sees the Nanxi Bay and the high rise buildings there as well as the sea and the sea - spanning bridge.

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