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Minister of health in Liberia Walter T. Gwenigale

Walter T. Gwenigale is a Minister of Health in Liberia since 2006.

In February 2006, Walter T. Gwenigale , MD, '90, Liberia, was appointed as Minister of Health & Social Welfare of the Republic of Liberia by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. Gwenigale stepped down as medical director/CEO of Phebe Hospital in February 2003 but has remained as head of surgery and advisor to the new head of the hospital.

DR. EMMANUEL SANDOE, an eye surgeon, is Medical Director of Phebe Hospital, which means the big boss of every thing. He was promoted into the position when Dr. Gwenigale retired last year. His only boss is the hospital's Board of Trustees. DR. WALTER GWENIGALE was the former Medical Director, and remains the patriarch and "town chief" of Phebe. A charismatic leader who has devoted his adult life to Phebe, he has earned the respect and affection of virtually everybody who has ever worked with him. JOE CURLLIE (which is just his own spelling of Kollie, a common Kpelle name) is in charge of maintenance. (We did have an American missionary as maintenance supervisor, but he resigned.) KOLLIE MASSAQUOI is the head electrician. He knows a great deal about the utilities at Phebe, and is a skillful electrician. MARY TIAH is the nursing director of Phebe, but is stationed at the Salala field hospital at present.

Ensure your children are immunized against this crippling disease urged the Miniser of Health and Social Welfare Dr. Walter T. Gwenigale at the signing ceremony that took place at the G.W. Gibson High School, auditorium, some 2 hundred meters from the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare (MOH&SW) premises in Monrovia, on Friday May 7, 2010 at 10:00 a.m.

Handing the ball to MOH&SW Minister, Dr. Walter T. Gwenigale, NPPC Chair, David Vinton gave a brief journey of the ball since February 23, 2010. He said that Liberia was the 16 th of the 22 polio-affected countries in Africa through which the ball is expected to travel. He handed the ball over to Minister Gwenigale who signed the ball.

Dr. Gwenigale stated that the symbolic act of using football is important because we are going to kick polio out of Liberia. He said that Liberia was once certified as being polio free, but because of people's misconception of the polio vaccine, this has caused polio to resurface in Liberia. One case has been reported (compared with zero cases for the same period in 2009). Onset of paralysis of most recent case: 03 Mar 2010

Dr. Walter Gwenigale. In an article published by The New Democrat, the writer asserted that Dr. Gwenigale had performed questionable surgery on a number of victims of the Liberian civil war -- unnecessarily amputating the limbs of as many as a thousand patients. Regardless of one's political affiliation, this is a very serious allegation that demands substantiation. No response has been forthcoming.

Walter T. Gwenigale minister of health in Liberia

map of Liberia districts

Liberia is divided into 15 counties, which are subdivided into districts, and further subdivided into clans. The oldest counties are Grand Bassa and Montserrado, both founded in 1839 prior to Liberian independence. Gbarpolu is the newest county, created in 2001. Nimba is the largest of the counties in size at 11,551 (4,460 sq mi), while Montserrado is the smallest at 1,909 (737 sq mi). Montserrado is also the most populous county with 1,144,806 residents as of the 2008 census.

Population (2008)
Bomi Tubmanburg 82,036 1,942 (750 sq mi) 1984
Bong Gbarnga 328,919 8,772 (3,387 sq mi) 1964
Gbarpolu Bopulu 83,758 9,689 (3,741 sq mi) 2001
Grand Bassa Buchanan 224,839 7,936 (3,064 sq mi) 1839
Grand Cape Mount Robertsport 129,055 5,162 (1,993 sq mi) 1844
Grand Gedeh Zwedru 126,146 10,484 (4,048 sq mi) 1964
Grand Kru Barclayville 57,106 3,895 (1,504 sq mi) 1984
Lofa Voinjama 270,114 9,982 (3,854 sq mi) 1964
Margibi Kakata 199,689 2,616 (1,010 sq mi) 1985
Maryland Harper 136,404 2,297 (887 sq mi) 1857
Montserrado Bensonville 1,144,806 1,909 (737 sq mi) 1839
Nimba Sanniquellie 468,088 11,551 (4,460 sq mi) 1964
River Cess River Cess 65,862 5,594 (2,160 sq mi) 1985
River Gee Fish Town 67,318 5,113 (1,974 sq mi) 2000
Sinoe Greenville 104,932 10,137 (3,914 sq mi) 1843
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