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Minister of health in Jordan H. E. Dr Nayef AL-Fayes


During his latest visit to Yemen last week, Dr. Nayef Al-Fayez Jordanian Minister of Health not only followed up on new high-scale health projects in Yemen, but also increased medical scholarships for Yemenis by 30 percent.

Khairaldin Al-Nsour interviewed Al- Fayez for Yemen Times.

This is your first visit to Yemen. What is the purpose of this visit?

I was invited by the Yemeni Minister of Health Dr. Abdulkarim Rase, who is a dear friend and colleague, to visit the country, and become acquainted with the health and medical sectors and potential

October 5, 2009
Dr Nayef AL-Fayes minister of health in Jordan
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1 Capital Governorate 2,027,685 8231 246.3 Amman 1,919,000
2 Irbid Governorate 950,700 1621 570.3 Irbid 650,000 [ 62 ]
3 Zarqa Governorate 838,256 4080 205.5 Zarqa 447,880
4 Balqa Governorate 349,580 1076 324.9 Salt 96,700 [ 63 ]
5 Mafraq Governorate 245,671 26435 9.3 Mafraq 56,340
6 Kerak Governorate 214,225 3217 66.6 Kerak 68,810
7 Jerash Governorate 156,675 402 370 Jerash 39,540
8 Madaba Governorate 135,890 2008 67.7 Madaba 83,180
9 Ajloun Governorate 118,496 412 287.1 Ajloun 55,000 [ 64 ]
10 Aqaba Governorate 107,115 6583 16.3 Aqaba 95,408
11 Ma'an Governorate 103,920 33163 3.1 Ma'an 50,350 [ 65 ]
12 Tafilah Governorate 81,000 2114 38.3 Tafilah 38,400 [ 6



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