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Minister of health in Iraq Salih M. al-Hasnawi

Dr. Salih Mahdi Motlab al-Hasnawi is an Iraqi doctor and politician, who has been the Minister of Health since 30 October 2007. He is a Shi'ite Muslim, but independent of any political party.

He worked professionally as a mental health doctor and was a consultant psychiatrist and Director of Health for Karbala before being appointed to the post of Health Minister.

In January 2008 he reported the results of the " Iraq Family Health Survey " of 9,345 households across Iraq which was carried out in 2006 and 2007 for the World Health Organization and published in the New England Journal of Medicine . It estimated that there had been 400,000 Iraqi excess deaths, with 151,000 of those being violence-related deaths (95% uncertainty range, 104,000 to 223,000) from March 2003 through June 2006.

 Salih M. al-Hasnawi minister of health in Iraq

map Iraq regions

Iraq is composed of eighteen governorates (or provinces ) (Arabic: muhafadhat , singular muhafadhah , Kurdish: Parizgah ). The governorates are subdivided into districts (or qadhas ). Iraqi Kurdistan ( Arbil , Duhok , Sulaymaniyah ) is the only legally defined region within Iraq, with its own government and quasi-official militia.

  1. Baghdad
  2. Salah ad Din
  3. Diyala
  4. Wasit
  5. Maysan
  6. Al Basrah
  7. Dhi Qar
  8. Al Muthanna
  9. Al-Qadisiyyah
  10. Babil
  11. Karbala
  12. An Najaf
  13. Al Anbar
  14. Ninawa
  15. Duhok
  16. Arbil
  17. Kirkuk
  18. Sulaymaniyah

Last update: 04 July 2010
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