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Minister of health in Grenada Ann Peters

Sen. Ann Peters is a serving in the Senate for the second time. She was also appointed to the Senate by the former NDC Government of Prime Minister Sir Nicholas Brathwaite.

She is a trained nurse and the wife of popular Grenada playwright, Francis Urias Peters. She is a former President of the Grenada Nurses Association. Sen Peters is also an icon in the performing arts as a singer, dancer and Choreographer for leading cultural groups including the National Performing Company of Grenada during the period 1979 - 1983. 26.02.2009

Health Minister, Senator Ann Peters has resigned as the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) citing lack of resources to perform in the position.

Peters, a longstanding member of Congress handed in her resignation at the recent General Council meeting of the party held at Gouyave, St. John's. The move came against the backdrop of criticisms within party circles of the lack of performance from key party players in the past year, deputy political leader, Nazim Burke, General Secretary, Peter David and PRO Peters. Sen. Peters has been one of the leading female vocals with the NDC in the lead up to the 2008 general election which brought about the humiliating defeat and end to the 13 year rule of former Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell and his New National Party (NNP). Although she did not contest the election as a candidate, the female political activist was handed the job of Minister of State in the Ministry of Health. She also assumed the PRO position at the party's last convention held on March 01, 2009.

Ann Peters minister of health in Grenada

Sen. Peters was elevated to the top position of Minister of Health, replacing the incumbent, Karl Hood in a Cabinet reshuffle brought about by Prime Minister Tillman Thomas last August. In her resignation letter from the post of PRO, the female government minister said: I have done the best that I can given the circumstances and I have also come to the conclusion that I cannot perform the magic demanded of me at this time with no resources and the full time consuming ministerial responsibility. Party insiders told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that Sen. Peters was alluding to the lack of equipment for the PRO to perform the task. There are unconfirmed reports that most of the equipment at the Media Centre of the NDC has mysteriously disappeared after the general elections. However, some of the delegates who attended last week's NDC General Council felt that the resignation of Sen. Peters might have been influenced more by her lack of performance in the position since the election. One source who did not want to be identified said that the close door meeting was extremely intense and delegates spared none of the elected officers except Prime Minister Thomas in discharging their party functions.

The source revealed that while the General Secretary Peter David who is the Minister of Foreign Affairs received the most severe criticisms, Sen. Peters was also dealt her share for failing in her responsibilities. In a press release issued last week Wednesday, the Congress expressed its gratitude to Sen. Ann Peters for the services she has given as the party's Public Relations Officer, while acceding to her request to resign from the post. Hon. Peters had asked to be relieved because of the big demands on her time and schedule to be the Minister of Health in one of the most challenging departments of government, the release said. The Party disclosed that Deputy Public Relations Officer, Sen. Arley Gill, will act as the full PRO until the next annual convention scheduled for July 11.

Sen. Peters explanation of lack of the necessary equipment to carry out her duties as the party's PRO can be associated with statements made by the Party's Treasurer, Tourism Minister, Glynis Roberts who reported during the party's general council that it is still $95,000.00 in debt following the general election. She appealed for greater attention to be paid to the party's finances. Many eloquent speeches of what we should do,' she said, and what we ought to do, would mean nothing if we do not have the funds to do what we say we should do, and what we say we ought to do', she told delegates in her report. Despite her resignation as PRO, Sen. Peters will continue to serve on the NDC National Executive by virtue of her parliamentary position in the government. The party's General Secretary, Minister David, said they have acceded to Sen. Peter's request with reluctance and a heavy heart, but respect and understand her current situation. A new NDC executive will be elected when the party holds its convention. 24.04.2010

map of Grenada parishes

Grenada is divided into 6 parishes:

1. Saint Andrew
2. Saint David
3. Saint George
4. Saint John
5. Saint Mark
6. Saint Patrick

Carriacou and Petite Martinique, two of the Grenadines, have the status of dependency.

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