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map of Faroe islands regions

The Faroe Islands are divided into six regions, seven constituencies and 34 municipalities. The region of Streymoy is composed of two constituencies. Each region has one sheriff.

* Eysturoyar sysla og valdomi - Eysturoy region and constituency. (FD) 5 MPs are elected here.
* Nor?oyar sysla og valdomi - Nor?oyar ("Northern Isles") region and constituency. (KG) Bor?oy, Fugloy, Kalsoy, Kunoy, Svinoy, Vi?oy. 4 MPs are elected here.
* Sandoyar sysla og valdomi - Sandoy region and constituency (SA) Litla Dimun, Sandoy, Skuvoy, Stora Dimun. 2 MPs are elected here.
* Streymoyar sysla, divided into:
o Nor?streymoyar valdomi - Northern Streymoy constituency (VN). 2 MPs are elected here.
o Su?urstreymoyar valdomi - Southern Streymoy constituency (TN), Hestur, Koltur, Nolsoy, Southern Streymoy. 8 MPs are elected here.
* Su?uroyar sysla og valdomi - Su?uroy region and constituency (TG). 4 MPs are elected here.
* Vaga sysla og valdomi - Vagar region and constituency. Mykines, Vagar (VA). 2 MPs are elected here.

The administrative subdivisions of the Faroe Islands are frequently changing. In the 1980s there were more than 50 municipalities. During the last past decades the number has been decreasing steadily, and more municipal-mergers can be expected within the following years. The aim of the ministry of interior is that in 2015 there will be only seven or nine municipalities in the Faroe Islands, more or less following the boundaries of the districts and constituencies. If this happens the Faroe Islands will have left the administrative structure of "parish-municipalities" which was built up in the first half of the 20th century and entered a structure of "regional-municipalities".

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