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Minister of health in Comoros Ikililou Dhoinine

IKILILOU Dhoinine is a minister of Health, Solidarity & Promotion in Comoros since 2006.

Le Chef de l'Etat, SEM Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed SAMBI, a eleve les Vice-presidents IDI Nadhoime, charge du Ministere de l'Agriculture et de l'Environnement, IKILILOU Dhoinine, charge des Finances et du Budget et le Colonel HASSANE Said Harouna, Grand Chancelier des Ordres Nationaux, a la dignite de Grand Croix de l'Ordre du Croissant Vert des Comores.

La ceremonie qui a eu lieu au Palais de Beit Salam, a ete honore par la presence des membres du Gouvernement, du Cabinet presidentiel, du corps diplomatique accredite a Moroni, de plusieurs cadres, de notables et de nombreuses personnalites.

Pour rappel, le President de l'Union est le Grand Maitre de l'ordre du Croissant Vert des Comores. La dignite de Grand Croix revient de droit aux Vice-presidents et au Grand Chancelier des Ordres nationaux. 17.05.2007

Ikililou Dhoinine minister of health in Comoros


map of Comoros

The Comoros is formed by Ngazidja (Grande Comore), Mwali (Moheli), Nzwani (Anjouan), and Maore (Mayotte), the major islands in the Comoros Archipelago, as well as many minor islets. The islands are officially known by their Comorian language names, though international sources still use their French names (in parentheses). The capital and largest city, Moroni, is located on Ngazidja. The archipelago is situated in the Indian Ocean, in the Mozambique Channel, between the African coast (nearest to Mozambique and Tanzania) and Madagascar, with no land borders.

Administrative divisions: 3 islands and 4 municipalities*;

  1. Grande Comore (N'gazidja),
  2. Anjouan (Ndzuwani), Domoni*, Fomboni*,
  3. Moheli (Mwali), Moroni*, Moutsamoudou*
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