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My world. How do I see the world

This is an automated translation from Russian. Correction is needed.

What kind is it? My world of the future.

Round such chaos? Confusion. Set of inconsistent forecasts of analysts, enthusiastic news about achievements in technology, power, medicine and daily predictions of a doomsday and ecological accident. With the mobile mentality I посопереживала to mankind, looking cinema Home Artjusa Bertrana, it was terrified, reading statistics across Russia (, truth, any more so it is strong, as in 2006, looking video of intimidation of Zhdanov. On the other hand has admired to huge progress and the light future of mankind - one jump as communications for the last half a century that costs! Has seen enough transfers about already disappeared civilizations which, apparently were малек (and can, and not малек) more advanced, than we, has had heard plenty and has read about reincarnations and travel of immortal our spirit to the Universe.

Perhaps, really, all isn't too fatal. After all if the fact was showed, means, to that there is an objective reason. Reduction of population of Russia? And who repeats an overpopulation of the Earth? Russians actively were engaged in the decision of a global question of an overpopulation. Russia has conceded islands of Japan, to China, has sold the lands to Finns, Dutches and Germans? But after all that from it it is good, and if all of us equally don't consult, why would be not present? We see local negatives, and a global positive, universal clarification and regeneration we can not notice. Besides, there is a probability that neither the positive, nor a negative - and at all isn't present, the person paints events on the understanding.

So it is created actually? Where we move? Also what also it is important - by what means? And what my role in this movement? Has heard an ordinary phrase (in this case from Oleg Tinkova) for reconsideration: any work from one o'clock in day should be paid. I with it entirely agree, especially against the last existential delicacy in the field of employment and performance of the mission. I can not find what to be engaged that would bring to me satisfaction. Arises two answers: or the world round me really slides in tar-tarary and whether you in that case sit at a window in a biznem-class or at a toilet in the wrecked plane - it is not so important, or I can't leave the box of outlook, having looked at an event from outside to find weight positive in occurring changes.

If to return for payment work, I would add: everyone useful to a society in tactical or strategic development work. Present, how many work it would be not paid! All bureaucratic delays... But so this side is thin! Where correct border нужности and uselessness? Only it is intuitively possible to feel it (and with a good share of a rationality), on what to us and the internal compass in the form of conscience is given. It it is possible умасливать long, but in the end the sensation of correctness or abnormality will give true representation about the lived result.

So, I call for a private responsibility. The PRIVATE RESPONSIBILITY! For the acts and thoughts. Personal responsibility and constant perfection of (knowingly recently so many attention is given on various trainings to this question). Present, the whole areas of the industry where human and material resources are enclosed many, someone's aspirations, hopes, plans, inspirations, meaning of the life - it appears out of a stream of development of mankind.

And besides: how to define: in струе or not in струе? Again intuition. It is necessary enough will power and self-adequacy to recognize that the purpose to which you aspired earlier, isn't actual more and it is necessary to concentrate on achievement of the new. In my opinion such example is motor industry, and as consequence - a construction of roads. If we combine budgets of these branches, we can quite develop the alternative less influencing environment (and can, more, but in the remote prospect as, for example, was with a problem of horse manure on roads of all 100 years ago!) If under the physical theory contradicts nothing to the teleportation phenomenon why we yet haven't developed it till now in popular scales? One of the reasons - for certain - we should reconstruct very strongly the brain to conditions of new realities and the relation to a private property for it it will be possible телепортировать from any point in any another, passing an intermediate link. How many truckers will lose work? How many manufacturers and fitters of spare parts, mountings and car washes. After all for certain it happens, if we are reasonable enough. After all tinmen, as those aren't present lamplighters more. These trades have strongly changed, to unrecognizability.

It is so much взаимовлияющих parameters that final (or at least intermediate) a picture of world result to reach extremely difficult, even while it comes true or has already come true, we hardly analyze the obtained data and we deduce trends. Till now doesn't suffice интегративности the data from all globe and intellectual processing of the information for the purpose of knowledge reception (data mining - literally extraction of knowledge).

For today an obvious trend is the organization of the primary ophthalmologic help and screening by remote access. In more details here>> - company Google project (as well as their many projects) - idea which will change the world Is interesting! When you start to search, you find! :) Here one more acknowledgement that I not one such think of it. To take at least the list of those of 16 ideas which most of all disturb the 150 thousand which have made the offer of persons from 170 countries. It is necessary to watch Google activity more all the same. It is more and more similar to the world government. Google corrects the world. More truly, it changes it (at least, my world) and still never to the worst. I am glad!

To take at least 16 basic topics exciting people most of all:

  1. Make government more transparent
  2. Provide quality education to African students
  3. Help social entrepreneurs drive change
  4. Create real-time natural crisis tracking system
  5. Build better banking tools for everyone
  6. Collect and organize the world's urban data
  7. Work toward socially conscious tax policies
  8. Encourage positive media depictions of engineers and scientists
  9. Enhance science and engineering education
  10. Create real-world issue reporting system
  11. Promote health monitoring and data analysis
  12. Create genocide monitoring and alert system
  13. Drive innovation in public transport
  14. Make educational content available online for free
  15. Build real-time, user-reported news service
  16. Create more efficient landmine removal programs


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