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Cortical visual prosthesis

cortical visual prosthesis

Who is who in the world visual prosthesis development

Cortical visual prosthesis

USA, Russia

William H. Dobelle
Richard A. Normann
Marianna E. Ivanova
William H. Dobelle
University of Utah, USA
Richard A. Normann
University of Utah, USA
Edward M. Schmidt, NIH, USA
Boris Kh. Baziyan
Marianna E. Ivanova

Laboratory of Neuroprosthetic Research is a team-based collaborative research organization within the Pritzker Institute of Medical Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology >>

Affiliated Faculty and Researchers

Philip Nash, Ph.D., IIT (MMAE, IIT)
Stuart Cogan, Ph.D., EIC Laboratories
Vernon Towle, Ph.D., University of Chicago
Robert Greenberg, M.D., Ph.D., Second Sight, Inc.
Don Krantz, Ph.D., MTS Corporation
Gerald Loeb, M.D., University of Southern California
Joseph Schulman, Ph.D., Alfred E. Mann Foundation
David Bradley, Ph.D., University of Chicago
Daniel Margoliash, Ph.D., University of Chicago
Doug McCreery, Ph.D., Huntington Medical Research Institute
Bill Agnew, Ph.D., Huntington Medical Research Institute

Affiliated Institutions and Companies:

Advanced Bionics Corporation
Alfred E. Mann Foundation
Bioelectric Corporation
Cross Technology
EIC Laboratories
Huntington Medical Research Institute
MTS Corporation
Northrop Grumman, Electronics & Systems Integration Division

cortical visual prosthesis team at Illinois Institute of Technologicy

Retinal visual prosthesis


Mark S. Humayun
James D. Weiland      
Mark S. Humayun
Doheny Eye Center, LA USA
James D. Weiland
The University
of Southern California, USA



USA, Portugal

Philip R. Troyk
Fransisco J Pelayo
Philip R. Troyk
Illinois institute of technology, USA
Fransisco J Pelayo
Dept. of Computer Architecture and Technology, University of Granada, Spain


International society of blind and visually impaired people for humankind progress cooperation - ISB(VIP)HPC

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